Tuesday, June 27, 2006

new videos

two new videos!

first one
this is what i saw when i peeked into augustines room last week. i kept hearing this weird noise and ventured up to his room to see what it was. he didnt want to go to sleep so instead he is making fart noises with his hand. how do kids learn these things!? sorry its dark

second one
he seems to have some very odd growth coming out of his back in this one.


Anonymous said...

What are you feeding that kid? Is that a calcium deposit?

Anonymous said...

it appears that your child (who is always naked!) has an outlet on his back for jacking into the Matrix. If you upload a few programs into him, he could stop the madness. I was thinking Kung-Fu, Gerber-Snack-Cookies, and maybe Ra Ra. All good training tips.
Uncle Josh