Thursday, July 13, 2006

watering the floor

recently i have been scolded by a friend for discussing names with david before we are actually "with child". apparently its taboo or something? maybe i didnt get that memo. regardless we have been just laughing about this or that name in passing, well one in particular i feel has been almost stalking me. yeah that doesnt make a ton of sense but we are "chewing" on a boys name for future use and i have rarely heard this name anywhere, its just not very popular - i mean would you expect us to pop out an aiden anyways? literally the first day we mentioned it i heard it again on tv. then both my mother and mother in law said it, and then again it came up once on the internet while doing a search for something! granted there is one celebrity out there that has this name as their last name but its not as though he is the type who is making headlines or in the tabloids. but that is the only semi-common place you might hear this name/word. i wonder if God is trying to tell us something... still though it isnt my number one choice at this point. which begs the question, "why are we even talking about such things now?" rest assured nothing is presently in the works that im not telling people about. we're just a good combination of a dreamer and a planner. (take a guess at which one of us is which) haha. trust me last time with augustine, the stick wasnt even wet before we called our entire family. oddly enough not a single one of them were home!! the point is that we are i am not good at keeping secrets.

i've been reading this delightful book called "you grow girl" that was suggested to me by several green-thumb types to get a jump on gardening plans for the spring. as possibly dorky as it sounds, im very excited about this garden! in partiality i think its that i really hate my backyard. ugh its so plain and boring and really needs a kick in the buds. patience jenny, youve only lived here 9 months

augustine got his first bloody nose on tuesday night. he's just such a little canonball when he runs through the house, especially when he's being chased. so brienne and josh were over and seriously, through no fault of theirs, he fell down while they were playing and bumped his nose on our hardwood floors. he sobbed but lovey managed to cure him of what ailed him. i also gave him a bottle of milk, even though we're off bottles. it was a rare treat and it worked.


Anonymous said...

Maybe he wants mommy and daddy to grow the garden inside rather than outside...he is a SMART boy after all.Mom

Anonymous said...

Jenny- Augy IS mad at you in the one picture... because he wants to go to uncle Josh's apartment and play. Can't you practically see it on his face? And you won't let him... that poor poor Augy. I bet he cries a lot because he can't go to uncle Josh's apartment and play. I'd be sad and angry too.