Monday, September 18, 2006

taco bell hell

somehow ive zoomed to "that place" in pregnancy. the inevitable place that soo many women find themselves at one point or another. i call it Taco Bell Hell. meaning there is hell to pay unless i get some taco bell stat. i am not at all a demanding person, in fact i rather pride myself in my ability to just roll with the punches so to speak. but Taco Bell Hell hit strong and fast saturday night and so i called david at work (thats another story of why he was at work on a saturday night...) and told him i wanted some taco bell and wanted to know if it was okay if i ran out and got some. its not that i need his permission by any means, but we like to confer when we spend money on things we dont need, like tacos. though i know he would have gotten my meaning if i had said "honey i didnt call you because i NEEDED tacos." anyways he gave me the green light. i love david and i together. we always ask but rarely deny each other anything. the love is in the asking. anyways im getting off topic. so i pack aug into the car who is just delighted to go anywhere in the car, and head down the street to the closest taco bell. wouldnt you know it but there was a sign on the menu that said their credit card machine was out of order and they only accepted cash, which i had none of. i couldnt have gone to an ATM, less than 50 yards away but a few months ago i had to have my debit card replaced and i have forgotten the temporary pin they gave me and have since been using it only as a credit card therefore. so no ATM option now. do i let this stop me? anyone who's ever been pregnant and had a craving will know that the answer to this question is obviously a firm no. the problem was that i didnt know where another taco bell was in the area. again, not stopping me. 30 minutes later trekking everywhere between polaris and westerville i find the pot at the end of the rainbow. (can you tell im really excited about this taco?) haha i ordered two of my favorites (grilled stuffed burrito and a 7 layer burrito both with mild sauce) now which to eat first? obviously i couldnt stomach two entire tacos with my tiny tummy. i opted for the grilled burrito and smiled all the way home.

so in reference to the first line of this entry. i am at "that place" in this journey. the place where i fantasize and crave more strongly and more vividly than nonpreggos can imagine. proof? i just wrong an entire entry about a fricking TACO. i called david at work recently and asked him to tell me everything he had eaten that day starting with breakfast and warned him not to miss a single snack even. don't worry, this happened with augustines pregnancy too and i recovered. i still dont know how i didnt gain a ton of weight with all those tacos.

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Maria. said...

You are not alone with Taco Bell. With Jena, I was craving tacos too, Duane tried to convince me that we should go someplace nicer than the "border" and I won. We went to Westerville Park and I promptly downed the tacos and then threw them up in the grass right next to our picnic table! Love the Bell!