Tuesday, October 24, 2006

lots to say!

first things first-

IT'S A GIRL!!!!!!!!!

her name will be olive adeline (the boy's name would have been rune norton if anyone was interested). the tech said she was going nuts in there, which scares me because augustine was always mellow even in the womb. i may have rolled the dice a little with this one! haha just kidding. augustine wasnt incredibly interested in watching the screen but he was concerned as to why mommy was laying on the table with some lady doing something to her. anyways on with the pictures

drama queen already? talk to the hand

someone pointed out that this looks like a skeleton fish. i agree

operation "be more stubborn than augustine" weekend was in full effect recently. we have decided to get real about this whole toddler bed thing and quit the shananagans. the boy is smart, he knows that if he gets up X amount of times we will just give up and let him sleep in the pack n play. so this weekend if he got out of bed 12 times, he was going back into his bed without argument 13 times. i can't have two babies in cribs! last night he got up at least 6 times in the middle of the night, but didnt fight us when going back down at all. he even slept in 30 extra minutes (probably to make up for all the midnight trips to our bedside)

saturday morning david and i got up at around 7:30 and were out the door by 9 to go to the ohio state vs. indiana football game. um can we say royal butt kicking? the final was 44-3! it was great! what wasnt so great was how winded i get when im pregnant and our seats were the third from the very top row AND there were no elevators unless you had a medical note or something. i had to stop two or three times on the way up and i felt so stupid! i wasnt so much physically tired as just out of breath. my dad slipped us $20 and we pigged out. stadium food is only rivaled by thanksgiving and fair food. i had a brat and nachos. mmmm... i was feeling physically tired and i told david i might just lay down to rest. yeah i fell asleep and woke up several hours later. i really could have kept going all night but i had too much to do to sleep.

im in a really good season with my agoraphobia i think. last saturday i went to kat and ryans wedding, last sunday michelle's baby shower, thursday david was out of town overnight which usually bothers me, but i was able to go the the park alone with augustine for the first time ever, and we went to the pumpkin patch with my parents. not to mention saturday i faced a huge trial with being in a stadium of tens of thousands of people and did okay. i mean i still had the normal invasive/irrational thoughts but it wasnt apparent on the outside. im very proud.

so yes pumpkin patch. it was so much fun. auggie picked out a pumpkin for himself and for the new baby too. it was mad muddy out so we didnt go to the actual PATCH but they had a nice indoor area with all kinds of food and pumpkins, etc. they had a dog and auggie thought it was his best friend (video proof!)

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