Tuesday, November 07, 2006

ok so im finally getting around to posting about halloween. augustine was a monkey. and had a love/hate relationship with his costume. it was okay as long as the hood was not up. but if the hood wasnt up you couldnt tell what he was! one lady thought he was a dinosaur. he did very well. much better than we thought he would. never got scared or acted like he was too tired to keep walking (we just went down our own street which isnt incredibly long) he carried his pumpkin bucket like a champ too.

charming the bananas out of your basket since 2005

i have since gotten my hair cut

the stash

no love for the monkey costume.

do i even remember what it's like to have a day out without my child? well after Saturday the answer is yes again. we dropped auggie off at my brother josh's and augustine seized the opportunity and had three episodes of diarrhea. good times! after dropping off the munchkin we headed over to Baer Wheels down on campus. david really wants a road bike to fully transition into a commuter instead of driving the car. so we wanted to explore our options and finally settled on a Bianchi.so that is all david is getting for christmas basically. but it will pay for itself with saved gas.

then we headed over to maggie and austins (aka "da baxters"). david and i are always very punctual but this time we were actually grossly early. at least a half hour, i was sort of embarassed (and not because austin was in sweats and mag was in the shower i mean it) i just hate getting to a place and we arent expected at that time. they have a new dog named otis and if you know me even a little bit you will know i am very scared of dogs, even smallish dogs. ive subconsciously always been told or made to believe that all dogs are potentially mean and harmful. but otis was very sweet and docile dispite my fear that he was aggressive (he is a doberman) if anything he was a friedy cat! but i really needed that, plus i think otis liked someone who wasnt all up in his face trying to get him to be friends.

we went out to lunch at northstar and those jerks (i mean lovely people who bless us) bought our lunch! i had the best sandwich paired with an amazing wild rice that was loaded with red peppers, corn, currants, carrots, walnuts, and red onion. mmm... as we were leaving they played some velvet underground which i took to be a good sign since they are probably my favorite band of all-time. so then we headed over to the new campus theatre and watched the Borat movie. i wouldnt recommend it to be honest. i spent way too much of the movie covering my eyes so i wouldnt see discusting male nudity. think of nude scene in the movie sideways except much grosser and MUCH longer. it was funny but i was baffled how anyone would give that movie some of the good reviews ive read in the paper or heard about. so yeah, dont go see the Borat movie.

sunday while david and the aug were at church i swept the whole house, mopped the kitchen, separated out baby clothes to keep for olive vs those to give to my friend michelle for their little boy (who is due in just 4 short weeks!), washed and put away Olives clothes while packing up those going to the Rigsby's. not to mention got sucked into more of the cloth diaper scavenger hunt.

sitting on the couch talking (video)
give peas a chance! (video)
bathtime singing (video - toddler nudity but no bits shown i promise)

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