Friday, June 01, 2007

my son, busted being a good (albeit curious) big brother.

a few things of note in the video - all the diapers everywhere. i swear they are all clean - the ones by the door were being mailed out, and the ones under her swing are just there because we spend most of our day downstairs and it's more convenient especially when you change diapers 37165494 times a day like i do. augustine can be seen trying to give her a pacifier, hold her hand, and put a blanket on her (well, after ripping it off). frickin adorable.

we had such a fabulous day today. it didn't start out that way though. miss olive decided to squirm and wiggle without sleeping from her 3:30 am feeding until david came to "wake me up" at 7:15 am. i was draggggging. then as i was changing her to get ready for the day she wizzed all over me and the bed. so i strip the bed, throw her on my shoulder and practically growl at david to start me some water for tea. (i later apologized for my attitude) so aug decides that he wants a popcicle at 8 am. vetoing = suicidal thoughts in a toddler i swear. at least it appeared that way from his reaction. i've learned the best way to deal with it is to just ignore them and if that doesn't nip it the ol' olive and mama don't like how you're acting we're going into the other room gets it. the idea of exclusion is excruciating! but still he persisted for the next HOUR


no popcicle came but neither did the apocalypse contrary to his belief. then we were off to mail out some diapers that i sold on diaperswappers. i must say that getting to the post office unscathed by tantrums and mayhem is a lot harder with two in tow. olive was hollaring to nurse, augustine had pilfered some gummy bears from a display (twice!), and im scrambling to sort out my packages and send them to the right person. i throw the gummy bears - both packages - onto the counter, pop a pacifier in olive's mouth, finish up the package, and hit the door. i eat half of one bag of gummies in the car out of stress. then off to the library to pick up some things i had on reserve. oh wait i havnt nursed ollie yet so we nurse in public, whatever. run in, same scene different location as the one at the post office practically. (oh redeeming perfect water fountain at the library, how i needed thee!) still waiting to get to the part of my blog where i say it was a fabulous day? well i realize that on days like this when we are all stressed the best medicine is some family playtime. whenever we drive to the library we pass this nice, shaded park so finally i stopped. they had a set of those little spring-y things - one was a horse the other a motorcycle. guess which one i got stuck with. more nursing in public ensued - a lady walking a dog gave me a big happy grin when she saw me doing it too. (note: of course i nurse on the sly but i dont use a blanket either. that isnt me for the most part. though i would in other, more formal settings or in close quarters with men.) the park was glorious! olive fell asleep and aug chased some squirrels and for some reason i just felt like i wanted to, on my own, swing a little. it made me feel like a kid but it also reminded me of the last time i did it - which was when david and i were first married and he was doing a school photo assignment with his holga.

i swung so high it started getting that slack in the chain where it sort of jerks you back down instead of having a fluid motion. it reminded me of childhood and i was so happy to be a mom on the other side of that memory. the sun was oppressively hot so we played in the water fountain a little bit.

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