Monday, July 16, 2007

cave in!

cave man club or zucchini?

that sucker made 4 loaves of bread today and i blanched and froze enough for 8 others. i need to start being creative with the zucchini besides bread and kabobs methinks. that is from my mother in law's garden. she also brought over a pound or more of raspberries from her garden which has been obliterated in two days.

huge eyes!

pigs in the grass

something has been in my left eye for days. it needs to make like a tree and leave.

we all fall down


Sarah said...

jenny, are you on flickr? there is a "spinners" group there - awesome photos. I've been trying to get one of leila, but nothing good enough to look at yet.

I love Olive. What a peach! Her eyes are so gorgeous. And speaking of eyes... I just cannot look at that pic of yours! I hope what ever it is, it comes out soon!

Our zukes are still tiny little buggers, but will be giants soon. I LOVE zucchini bread, especially with chocolate chips. mmmm. Also good sauted with onions and mushrooms, or in a thai-style curry!

Sarah said...

oh, meant to add that Jensper from bbc says "hi", she found your blog through mine, but didn't know she could comment.

jenny mae. said...

hello fellow bbc-er JENSPER!!

no i am not on flickr because as youve recently discovered it is totally addicting! like i need one more site to keep me glued to the net right?

kristyn said...

one of my favorite things EVER is grilled zucchini... slice it up and down instead of side to side and marinate it in some italian dressing for a few hours and then put it on the grill. mmmmm! i also grill pineapple and eat it together. soooo delish!

those pictures of aug are so precious!! and olive is such a cutie pie! :)

jenny mae. said...

tonight i am making kabobs with yellow squash, zucchini, pineapple, and chicken. italian dressing seems very appropriate for the chicken and vegetable marinade i think! i go back and forth between teriyaki and italian based marinades all the time!