Sunday, August 05, 2007


file under: has a chip on her shoulder about nursing.

i cannot believe this was published by the New York Post by the way.


chelsea said...

sheesh, that was just awful. shame on them. they should have shown both sides of the argument. and what's wrong with advocacy. i believe that breastfeeding is best. but i don't think that people should be looked-down upon for their choices either way, as long as their baby is fed and cared for. just because some hospitals have decided not to shove formula down women's throats and encourage breastfeeding, doesn't mean that they're "nursing nazis"

rayray said...

geez louise talk about one sided! and the lines "some of my colleagues believe the data is made up" Didn't reporter do any research?? Or did she just run around asking people for opinions? geez. argh, now i'm going to sit down and make a bunch of pro-nursing tshirts for our new baby and myself.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I believe it. New york post is owned by Rupert Murdoch's crew, the same geniuses who give you the fair and balanced "fox news." you'd be surprised what they consider "research."
And did you like her implication about the "stay at home moms" who dont know what it is all about for working mommies.

And since when is anyone required to give these folks a free container of ANYTHING???

jenny mae. said...

Anonymous - yes i also picked up on the perceived implication of her words "many of whom stay at home". yes i is barefoot, pregnant, down on the farm and unedu-ma-cated. nyuk nyuk

Nicole D said...

ok - that just makes me sick. No, heaven forbid we don't encourage obesity, illness, and allergies - heaven forbid our health systems do something PROACTIVE and GOOD to help ensure health in our coming generations. C'mon, its all about MY rights to free stuff, isn't it? Sheesh!