Tuesday, August 07, 2007


my small and new goals this month.

never use a paper napkin again.
-- i mean really this one is a no-brainer. we use cloth wipes for everything else (cough cough) so why not extend them outside of the home too? gesh i just know that soon and very soon my logic is going to compel me to take cloth wipes to public restrooms too! do'h! too late, my brain just went there (insert thegoodmama wetbag promo)

refuse straws.
-- seriously have we regressed so much in evolution that we can no longer just tip our heads back to drink something? david has advocated using one straw over and over again which i suppose i can hang with.

and so it begins again... babyfood making time!! the problem with making baby food is that it's hard not to eat all of the yummy produce before it gets made! who knows when we'll start olive on solid food. she's only 4 months and i don't see it happening any time soon. with augustine i started the day he turned 6 months which in hindsight was premature for him. he couldn't sit up by himself which is one of the milestones babies should hit before they are ready. (insert my article on starting solids - oh yeah, i went there) anyways i know most fruits and veggies can be frozen up to 3-6 months so im sure she'll be eating somewhere in that timeline. right now im baking pears and nectarines for little miss olive's future consumption and im also going to make some banana and carrot puree. yum. oh and some milled steel cut oats and/or milled brown rice. none of that infant specific cereal for my babes. oh if you make rice cereal in advance don't puree it before freezing. it gets sort of weird when trying to reconstitute it. puree it before using it. pears do best when they are not pureed too. freeze them in slices then send them through the food processor before serving.

tonight we are picking up a food dehydrator that i found on craigslist and im going to get cracking on strawberries, bananas, and blueberries. perhaps some fruit peels?


rayray said...

i made avi's baby food until she could start eating real food...someone told me to try pureeing foods, then freeze them in ice cube trays. once frozen, stick them in freezer ziplocs. then i could mix up sweet potatoes with green beans or whatever i wanted...as long as there were sweet potatoes in there somewhere, avi was all about eating it. :)

jenny mae. said...

yup that is basically what i do too.

iheartmadi said...

my friend siri makes all cades food, and i think she uses a lot of recipies out of a book called Blender
Food for baby. I'll double check with her today, but she even makes baby chili and other yummy foods.

could you email some info about oats and rice. i don't much about what to give miss madi in that catagory. thanks!

Nicole D said...

Oh lovie, I hear ya! My dh and I are already on the straw trip and are quickly coming up behind you on the napkin one. :o)

I loved loved loved your birth video on YouTube and followed that here! Good birthing beautiful mama!!

jenny mae. said...

oh thank you nicole!! if you want to read the complete birth story check out the link on the left side

sarah mosley said...

La Leche League actually recommends that you don't feed your infant any solids until they have at least one tooth. Something about the same horomones/enzymes that activate teeth to appear being the same horomones/enzymes needed to digest sustenance other than breastmilk.

jenny mae. said...

hmm thats interesting. ive never heard that one before actually. my son didnt get a single tooth until he was 10 months old. short of a breastfed baby needing iron i dont think solids for a healthy baby are "necessary" for a year

Caroline said...

I cried over your birth video and as I midwife of long standing I've seen a lot of births. Thanks for posting it it was so beautiful. My youngest child let me know she was ready for solids when she grabbed the banana out of my hand and stuck it in her mouth and greedily gobbled it down. I guess that was a clue eh? I breastfed her for 3 years and frankly I sincerely believe that it has something to do with the fact she is taking molecular biology classes at MIT pursuing her PhD and is a cancer researcher, organic and profoundly socially conscious. All 3 of my daughters have similar accomplishments and serve humanity in one way or another. Natural mothering, breastfeeding, home schooling pays off for generations! You GO girl! It pays off

jenny mae. said...

yes caroline i believe that qualifies as being ready for solids! haha. i am certainly of the same opinion when it comes to the pay off of our shared parenting philosophy. =)