Sunday, September 02, 2007

the case for food readiness

olive is trying to make a good case for her starting solids now. mama ain't buying though. she keeps grabbing our food and getting utterly peeved when we don't give in to her curiosity and feed her something. then to further her case for readiness she started sitting up on her own. i'm not biting though (har har pun). i tested out her tongue thrust and it's still there.

milestones that show baby may be ready for solids include:
- sitting up WITHOUT support
- loss of tongue thrust reflex (pushing anything out of their mouth)
- ready and willing to chew
- development of pincher grasp (ability to pick up objects with thumb and forefinger)

she doesn't have the pincher grasp down, she still has the palmar grasp (uses her palm to sort of scoot things near her using her whole hand). im not even considering giving her food until she's 6 months, esp dairy since she's shown some sensitivity and there is a family history of such an allergy on david's side. anyways - pictures.

her outfit for the first ohio state game. go buckeyes!!

baby boobs


shutterthink said...

Baby boobs. I cannot stop laughing.

jenny mae. said...

let me rephrase...

mini mammaries.


shutterthink said...

HA! Even better.

Teeny ta-ta's?

jenny mae. said...

petite teats?

Anonymous said...

little Olive, I just love your chubs! How much do you weigh now? My little Milla just went to her 4 month checkup and she weighed in at 16 1/2 lbs.

jenny mae. said...

the last time i weighed her she was at 17 1/2 lbs. flub lub!

Anonymous said...

serious... chunky babies are where it's at! if you would like to be LJ friends I would love to add you ... but please don't feel pressured, I know you are not adding many people these days... I completely understand. my journal is private as well, I'm one of "those" that are just to sensitive and vulnerable to allow public viewing.

jenny mae. said...

most things are posted here and on lj. the exceptions are rare.

Alia said...

OH the chubs! the Chubs!!!!! Who needs to crawl? she can just roll!!!!