Saturday, September 08, 2007

couch pictures + other

ever more pictures of the babies on the couch. sometimes it gets silly

i was notified today via email that a sex offender just moved within a block of my house. %$#@!

oh and check out this great blog about the dangers of trading with china - to gear up for our nothing-made-from-china christmas festivities!


Josh (Uncle Josh) said...

Jenny- Brienne and I go to this great little asian restaurant in dublin. The owners have become friends of ours and they always remark about how they will have nothing to do with China and their products. I think they're from Taiwan. The woman became very agitated just mentioning the cheapness of the stuff. PS: aug is my best buddy.

jenny mae. said...

aug has been practicing saying both of your names by the way.

unk joths
ot beein