Monday, October 08, 2007

stressful day - harf talk

people on ebay are suckers. im selling auggie's old navy costume and the bidding is already over what it would be if you would just go to the store and buy it off the rack! short of living in the sticks and not having access to this store OR being agoraphobic and not being able to leave the house (or i guess being rich/lazy) this makes no sense. i guess my gain though so no complaints.

today we went to the library for story time. auggie doesn't like story time because he has to sit down and listen. he'd rather get up and play (it's in the really really fun children's room which he usually has free reign of). today when i told him to sit down and listen to the story he whacked olive across her noggin with a loud THWAP! i heard a few moms gasp. so a crying olive was on one hip and i threw him on my other. all the while he's doing the "wet noodle" and acting like a floppy, whiney fish. i took him outside and told him that because he hit olive we weren't getting any books or videos and we were now going straight home and having quiet time in our room. this is the first time we'd ever gone and not gotten books!

so im driving home and i come, literally to a fork in the road. one way goes home, one goes to davids work. oh. what the heck, i turned and drove towards davids work. not a mile later my car starts chugging and sputtering and i have to pull over on the berm. i restart it, rev the engine a few times, then proceed on only to have it conk out again a mile or so later, this time while moving! so im praying and praying that it can make it into the center turn lane and not be sticking out in traffic (it made it). this was on a four lane road in a business district where the speed limit is 45mph. so here i am with two babies, strung out on sleepiness, one with a hand print on her forehead from her brother and the other tantruming because he didn't get a new bob the builder video, with no air conditioning on a 90 degree day and a broken down car. oh and i don't own a cell phone. this is the first and only time i really wished i had one! so im almost in tears by this point, and auggie is in the backseat going "start mommy! start!" as if barking in my ear is going to help the engine turn over. so i get out and stand behind the car and try to put out a vibe of "im nice! please someone pull over and help me!" but after 5 minutes of no one i change my plans, hop back in the car and gather up my things, pop the trunk and get out one of the strollers. i figured davids work was about 2 miles away and even though it was hot and he was tired, auggie could walk while i pushed olive. so this is where i actually start crying a little because i realize that it is inevitable that one of my children will have to be at least a few feet away from me in the center lane of this four lane street while i get the other out of their carseat. what do i do first? i decide to get the stroller out first and then get auggie. i crouch next to him and tell him in my most serious voice how important it is that he stay RIGHT where he is and not move an inch while i creep next to the other side of the car and get olive out. this is when someone pulled up and offered us a ride. i almost cried the whole way there but the man didn't seem the type i felt comfortable having an im emotionally exhausted and just need to get this out of my system! sob in front of.

needless to say once we got to davids work he told me to run and get us all some lunch (i really needed the solo time so it was nice). i went to panera and got THE salad everyone keeps telling me would be perfect for me. and guess what! IT IS! it reminds me of the old tradition of giving folks brandy to calm them down in stressful situation, just give me a cherry salad to get me regulated.

dorky or cool? if cool, christmas yes? (yes!)

oh and apparently what i call a HARF people on etsy are calling a SKOOD. is there any end to people's clever ways?


rayray said...

hey! so my friend who had a homebirth in july MAY be preggo again (oops) and she's moving to columbus next week! so i told her i'd ask you for the info for kathy mitchell since i heard she was near newark and that's near where my friend is moving it seems. so anyway. :) if you could tell me her email or anything that would be awesome and i would pass it on to my possibly preggo friend. hehe :) thanks! :D

jenny mae. said...

her email is and her phone number is 740-323-1006. tell her jenny sigler sent you!

rayray said...

thank you :D

Alia said...

OMG--You poor thing. I don't think I would have been able to keep it together in front of the guy who gave you a ride. That is like my nightmare scenario right there.

saylor days said...

oh my gosh! i'm so sorry that happened to you.i would have been too anxious/paranoid to have even tried to wait for a stranger.but i'm so glad somebody helped you out.and it was SO hot out that day too! is your car ok?
the gnome scarf thing is strange,but cute. it would be hard to pull off but if anyone could it would be you! i say go for it.

jenny mae. said...

the car won't start but david can fix anything so im not worried.

i think the scarf is too costume-y but it's so whimsical that im attracted to it.