Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007, the year of the red

2007, the year of the red.

new years does one of two things to me - makes me sad that a good year is over or makes me happy that im starting a new one because the out-going year stunk. well 2007 was one of the happiest of my life so i felt really sad seeing it go. our house faces a greenspace and every 4th of july & new years some random person sets off a bunch of fireworks for the whole neighborhood to enjoy. we got home from a party at 11:30 last night and i snuck up to auggies room and woke him up so we could peek out at the (illegal &) beautiful fireworks display. we put up the window and shivered quite a bit but still managed to hoot and hollar a little. im scared of 2008 i think. im too much of a control freak for this whole life-upheaval we have in our future. i dont believe in making resolutions, at least not on the day of new years but this year i do hope to do a few things - eat a vegetarian diet once a week, build a relationship with an organic farm, do some meal planning, learn to knit maybe, read at least a book a week (again), build a really successful garden & if that works - do it for two seasons, stop obsessing over things that don't matter, go on a family vacation, & have a date once in a while for crying out loud.


Anonymous said...

I wish you a beautiful new year (red, green or yellow, as you want :-)), full of smiles, loves, and fabulous instants.

HAve a good day
I really enjoy to read you accross the ocean!

Anonymous said...

you are standing the same way in almost every picture

jenny mae. said...

i know. i did that on purpose ;)

Anonymous said...

it's cute, very fashionista.