Friday, January 25, 2008

ZOINKS! & education talk

sweet! the government is giving everybody money!

olive is going through a mini nursing strike. i know this is common behavior for a 9 month old but i can't help but feel frustrated. i also think that someday this period of my life will be over, that i won't nurse babies anymore. ever. (david is undecided on whether he wants more children) avert your eyes if this ain't your thang but i plan on letting her self wean. i think the average weaning age on a global scale is what, 4? in america i believe 80% of women are using artificial milk by 6 weeks. oh and just read between the lines and guess what else we're dealing with at this end. ow ow

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i wholly believe that there are too many options out there as far as education goes. we are approaching the time when auggie "should" be entering into school and i feel awfully conflicted about it. conflicted is the wrong word because that would imply battling resolutions but really, i am nowhere near knowing how i feel. here are things that i know about myself - i dont feel comfortable living in the burbs, i want to be part of solutions and not contributing the problems (meaning taking good kids with good family support out of the public system), but im also scared of my children not receiving the best education they can just so we can "be part of something", know what i mean? both david and i have private school experiences and education wise they were fantastic, especially mine. i learned more in one year of private education than the three in a public, and i went to a more than decent high school. (read: suburban) so there's that for you, but it totally smacks of elitism to me despite the logic of giving my kids the best education possible. then there's the homeschool option, which to most, self included, seems like the one that most jives with our family beliefs and parenting style. i greatly doubt my ability to teach my children everything they need to know in order to "make it" in the world. and another thing, i doubt my ability to network them so they develop well enough socially. if i ruled the world i'd homeschool the kids until middle school, where is where i feel most of the crucial social things begin. any new venture seems scary before you try it and nothing says that i can't give homeschooling a good whirl and if it doesn't work out we put the kiddos in school. i know i could teach but could they learn from me? today auggie and i spent a lot of time on this great website my friend linked me to called enchanted learning and afterward i was like "dang, this might not be as hard as i think!" but maybe im being naive? when i review the curriculum standards for grades i dont feel very intimidated but i also don't want my kid being that homeschool kid. preschool is looming over my head. i dont feel augustine is old enough to be gone for long periods of time and under the supervision of someone else other than david or i (or immediate, responsible family members). my other big fear is "group thinking" which is totally unavoidable in school, heck any group for that matter. i will never teach my children to rebel, but i do not ever want them to go along with any idea just because. i feel this is what school is about - i tell you, you tell it back to me, i give you a gold star. that isn't good enough for my children but i feel powerless to take control over it. bucking the system isn't my thing (at least not in this arena), providing opportunities to expand my children's hearts and minds is.


Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about school! My daughter will be 5 this summer and is an interaction JUNKIE. I had been feeling a little guilty about not putting her in Pre-K this year because I think she would enjoy it. I was surprised when I asked around about it and found that people feel it's 'just for disadvantaged, poor know, the ones who will cause problems.' That made me feel that my dazzling daughter maybe SHOULD be there, in a stubborn kind of way, if you can follow my convoluted logic. Anyway, I understand your reasoning, and I sympathize that no matter how much assurance you have that you are making the right choice for your child, at times there will likely be some degree of self-doubt!

Radiantsun said...

I read this great Blog where the lady homeschools her kids. I believe she has 4 of them! Check it out...

jenny mae. said...

very cool! thanks

Corin said...

Jenny Mae, you've been awarded The Excellent Blog award! Please feel free to stop by my blog sometime,, and claim your award. Congrats!

Salty Star said...

Hi there! Devin here...we emailed a few months ago about olive's birth video...I'm in OH, too : ) Anyway, I found your blog, love it, and am trying to figure out how to "add" it to my blog page. I'm new to blogging (and with the way I journal I may not do it very long anyway, oh well). My blog is:

Anyway, re: your blog:
yay on self weaning : D I pretty much did that with my dc. stopped at 4yrs, 4 mos because of health issues for me :( Over a year later and DC still tells me sometimes that it is missed :(

We "homeschool" now because of many issues, and will continue AT LEAST through middle school, but with the way things are going in schools now, I am fully, emotionally, prepared to do it through high school, as well. As far as being ABLE to do it, have no fear! Even if you got to a point where you totally couldn't handle it, there's always E-school, tutors, etc. : )

Alia said...

Wow do I see myself ALL OVER this one.

My only difference--Jonah is almost 15 months now, and I never went to private school.

I think I could teach them (I have some experiecne in that area) but dont know. Plus I work..

Anonymous said...

wow jenny, i don't even have kids or intentions of having kids, but i think this blog was awesome. i've discussed so many of these same topics with people on many occasions. how can we expect public schools to improve if we don't have dedicated (and educated) parents there to pay attention to what is going on? and is a 'suburban' education really better? i felt quite isolated and naive about the real world after leaving marysville. i firmly believe that, while it can be good in some areas, the biggest goal of public schools in america is to create good, conforming consumers who don't argue or think too much. call me cynical. note: test scores continue to drop while entertainment and technology continue to explode in every facet of our lives. i'm glad that you are questioning all of these things and i have faith that you will make the right decision for you and your children. and as always, i'm glad there are parents like you out there. :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry, total stranger, but ran into this looking at homebirthing stuff on lj.

I don't have children yet, but the hubby and I are planning a big family. He was homeschooled, and it was super great for him. He totally advocates homeschooling. I was apprehensive at first, but since I'm figuring a private school is too expensive, and public school is terible, it's the only option I feel okay with.

First, you don't have to be an amazing teacher. Being Christian, I think it's easy to understand we are here to raise saints, not scholars. Also, the objectives in homeschooling are different than in a school. Since you get to individually work with your children, you move at a faster, more personalized pace and time is more efficient than a teacher trying to hold the attention of 20 kids. If you don't know the material, you learn it with your child. I think the most important thing to remember, as far as actual teaching goes is that you're teaching them *how to learn*, not just facts and figures. You're teaching them how to teach themselves, so in case you never mastered differential equations and your 14 year old wants to learn it, he can teach himself!

Socialization is sometimes I think an overblown issue. At home, you control that part. Take them to a park, or the grocery store and have them purchase something or talk to someone. Get them involved in other things, be it 4-H, boy scouts, other activities. I tend to think socialization is overrated in schools. Kids there are learning how to interact with other people their age without a whole lot of supervision. Not too much interaction with people of other ages (or races, or genders, or religions or whatever, depending on where you are).

Sorry for such a long post, but I plan on homeschooling and I am PSYCHED about it. It's gonna be insane sometimes, but that's what's cool about it. We can take a day off, or week off, or longer..

Anyway, God bless, and peace be with you.