Friday, February 22, 2008

picture dump!

ok the last post was cutting off some of the photos so i had to repost the whole thing. sorry to those who commented, i had to repost it and your comments were deleted therefore.

because i just got a new card reader, i shall now dump one bajillion photos on you.

we kinda need a bedrail

am i the only one who takes photos of their kids sleeping? beuler...? beuler...?

!monster trucks & beards!

he ate the whole thing.

she's eating from the open range under the table

me and little auggie is watching cartoons!

my best kitchen accessories

what? hugging of your own volition?! have i mentioned that olive now has gray eyes? i adore them

lauren, that is the harf you made me!

mastered the sippy cup! the secret to a quiet house is to make my kids smoothies. they sit quietly and sip sip sip

ok so let me tell the story of this last photo. we had a home inspection that lasted three long hours so olive and i (augustine stayed the night with my parents) killed time by going to the library before heading for a long lunch at chipotle. i wrap up my food, pop her on my hip, put her in the car without incident. when i pull her out of the car this is what she looked like ... I SCREAMED! (somehow she had cut her finger open and had rubbed it all over her face on the way home without a peep!)

and here is a video of the apartment that (if the house sells!) we are getting.


meridith said...

i heart olive! i think i should make a tshirt for nathan that says that :)

Tenderness said...

Your kids are just so stunning...I really love the bloody face one haha...The apartment looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing! :)

saylor days said...

these pictures are fantastic! the black and white ones melt my heart as does the one of them hugging oooh my goodness that one should be blown up and framed.yes i take too many pics of him sleeping! yes smoothies quiet my son too! and i feel better seeing olive 'playing' with the dishwasher as saylor loves that thing as well :)

Robin Oatts said...

i found your blog through someone's at central, can't keep track anymore. i had olive in the nursery last week and she is so sweet. not to mention the rockin sweater she had on.

jenny mae. said...

hi robin! thanks for the sweet words about my girl, im bias but i agree! :)

Radiantsun said...

Your kids are the most adorable kids EVERRRR. If I would have seen my little girl with blood all over her face I would have freaked out!

cute apartment!

Alia said...

Must tummy-kiss infant, immediately!

(and I have TONS of sleeping photos)

Alia said...

And now I just watched the video--That is an APARTMENT!?!?!

In So Cal, that's a $600K Condo!!

jenny mae. said...

HOLY COW Alia! haha that's $600/month here!

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

I adore the color of your kitchen! Love it!

Your kids are beautiful - I take tons of pictures of my kids sleeping. They just look like angels to me.

Found you through a homebirthing link. ( I had my three kids at home ;) )


jenny mae. said...

hi andrea! how did you find me? im always curious as to how people stumble onto my little world.

oh and the color is "tomato red" from sherwin-williams

jenny mae. said...

i kinda like red by the way ;)

Anonymous said...

i love her shoes! jonas got the doves for christmas, too.

Sgt and Mrs Hub said...

Hey- I found your blog by clicking on the homebirth link I have under our profile (interests section). A friend had informed that the items you put under "interests" turn into links. Never knew that and thought I'd try it! It seemed like we might have some life stuff in common... natural living, homebirth, our faith...

It was good to "meet" you!


Missparker said...

It's so interesting to see Auggie and Olive growing ever so slowly but surely. I've been so busy lately that I haven't been able to keep up with everyone. In catching up on your blog, I was surprised to see that they look older. Why am I surprised? They are, as always, adorable! I especially love the very first photo-that looks like one good nap.

That apartment is amazing! I'm kind of looking into apartments right now (where to begin...) and I have to say, you found a really, really good one. I hope it all works out!

Is there any way that I could contact you via email or another way that is not a public comment? Do you still check your MySpace account? My email is: