Wednesday, February 20, 2008

so many random things

we accepted another offer on the house so let's all collectively cross our fingers that this one is seen through to the end. the home inspection and appraisal are this week and if both of those go well then we are moving! i am confident that the apartment we want will still be available and we've already been approved for it. so COME ON!! we (and by we i mean david) spent the weekend fixing the little nickel and dime stuff wrong with the house that the former inspector knocked on (new garage door opener, cleaned/greased sliding glass door track, cleaned furnace & replaced filter, painted a water spot on the ceiling in the bathroom, etc.) time will tell how it all plays out, honestly this month has sort of robbed me of any optimism. (understandably so) tomorrow is the home inspection

i've been feeling a little sick lately. i've had headaches that fluctuate in intensity for about a week and a half now. in the course of the last few weeks stress i lost about 10 lbs and developed a mild sinus infection on my right side. pretty much ive been dosing myself with vitamin c & eating garlic like it's going out of style. thankfully the infection was mild and im on the mend. i have no way of substantiating where my weight is, i assume the loss has leveled off because i havnt noticed my pants getting any looser. still though, a loss like that on a frame like mine is kind of scary so i've been trying to up my food intake. it's still hard to eat, still grieving so badly. oh and ive got a toothache. pray i can make it until our sweeeet tax return comes so i can get it (them!?) fixed.

i think auggie is now totally potty trained. last night was the second night he slept with no diaper on without incident. NICE! i told him to come in and get me or papa if he had to go to the bathroom. yeah he came in at 7 this morning and woke olive and i up. im pretty tired today. i got a little sad packing up augustine's diapers. everyone says the same thing but, where did my little boy go? im very proud that he's totally potty trained now, and before age 3 which is pretty good i hear. and speaking of diapers, i found a penny in olive's poo yesterday. O_o im a good mama i swear!

taking the good with the bad today.

augustine told me his first joke today. it was (and i have NO idea where he got the jokes framework from...)

knock, knock
who's there?
auggie who?
auggie sigg-er! (sigler)

this was later shortened to just "who's there? -- auggie sigg-er!" but i died laughing every time he did it, which was about 40 consecutive times.

another happy point i will mention is that my brother jason called today and we chatted for a few minutes. he mentioned he was looking for a reliable car to buy, wanted my thoughts. some hemming and hawing on his part ensued and when i finally asked what he really wanted to talk about he said that he and karen (his wife) were on their way home from their first IN VITRO treatment! the backstory being that they have been trying to conceive for about 4 years or so with no success, not even a pregnancy resulting in a miscarriage (not that that would be a consolation, i only mention that to illustrate that she isnt getting actually pregnant vs not being able to stay that way). i WHOO HOO'ed several times loudly into the phone and made them laugh.

the bad part of the day is having to deal with the possibility that the house might not sell. i need to prep myself for that. im so deeply wedded to the plans that we've made that are hinging on the sale of the house. the move to the apartment on blenheim/in clintonville, david attending school, being out of the freaking suburbs and into the city, closer to church, community, and good friends. when you divorce yourself from an idea or place it's hard to get back into the swing of things if things don't pan out how you anticipated. i'm about 50/50 on whether i think this is all going to happen.

oh and maggie & austin. during this era of my life, they are always the bell hung around my heart.


Amber said...

Hi there...again. If you are feeling a little sick, I thought I would suggest Kombucha...ever tried it? It is fermented tea that is just amazing and it is fabulous for the immune system (we buy GT Dave brand...

Also, my son is not 2 yet but how on earth did you potty train. I feel so lost in this area. He already grabs his diaper and tells me "pee pee" when he is going. A few times he has wanted to sit on his potty and actually went which was great...but it just seems like such a daunting task...any advise?

jenny mae. said...

amber -

we put augustine on the potty as soon as he showed interest, maybe 18 months or so, but things didnt really pick up until he was 2 - 2 1/2. olive was born just 3 days before his 2nd birthday so it really derailed his efforts, plus i was short on energy to keep him focused of course. so i just say listen to them and don't push them too hard. ive known several kids who were pushed too hard and it totally backfires!