Wednesday, April 16, 2008

thought of the day

deep thoughts with jenny sigler:
never pick your nose going over railroad tracks

so as stated in my last entry yesterday was augustine's 3rd birthday. a few weeks ago we were at target picking up some spring clothes for the kids and augustine we wandered into the toy section, which i really dislike but he was having a very short attention span because he was tired. anyways they were in the toy section and he picked out this helicopter thing and said he wanted it. i reminded him that his birthday was approaching and that he could come here and pick out his own present if he wanted (big enthusiastic YES). in a later trip to target i encourage him to find the such and such helicopter to show to daddy (which is code for "uhh mommmy forgets which one you pointed at last trip") BAM! not in stock. so i flip out a little bit because whenever anyone would mention his birthday the first thing he would say was "that's when i get my firetruck helicopter!" so his birthday rolls around and we take him to the new-to-us (since moving) target and i spot it in one of the aisles and scoop it up victoriously!

then he says he doesn't want it, and instead trades it for 3 small monster trucks. *face palm*

i caught the end of rich nathan (senior pastor of vineyard columbus) & jim wallis (of sojourners) on wosu radio and it makes me sort of miss going to MegaBigHuge Vineyard Church because rich is such a dynamic pastor. i know everyone says that about their pastor but no really! he shepherds a flock of 7000 with great mix of authority and humility. i do oh-so love our community church and i certainly love our pastor jeff but rich just has this wisdom that i am drawn to in a different way than jeff. though on the other hand jeff is so friendly and approachable that it's easier to feel human around him vs in the presence of someone who has so much spiritual authority it can come off as a bit... intimidating? this is all ME building rich nathan up in this way, he's a very likable, humble man of God with no self-elevation agenda i swear. anyways, tonight is the justice revival and i swear so many people are going to come we're going to spill out into the street! bless us tonight Lord!


saltycanvas said...

Enjoy the Revival!

I'll be sitting in nightclass reliving Shakespeare's "Tempest"....don't get too jealous now... !

Christyna said...

Hey, I just want to say that I've watched "Olive's Homebirth" like 3 or four times, and that you've inspired me to have my babies at home, whenever God gives them to us. Also that your faith in Jesus is beautiful! Have a wonderful day!

saylor days said...

have fun at the justice revival.i want to go so bad.but we don't have a baby-sitter.and i'm still sick.sigh!
i'm SO sorry i will totally give back your cookbook asap! i'm planning on coming on saturday! colin won't be home so it'll be harder for me to go but i know itll be fun and ya...wanna try that cake. :) ok ya and see you cuz i miss you. and ya,give some love to your children.