Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I have officially decided to homeschool augustine for preschool. yesterday i ran to a teaching store in dublin and bought some materials and we did a lesson or two just to see how he liked it and he was really excited. he seems so bored all the time and i hate it. though today's comic from hathor the cowgoddess made me feel more peace about such boredom. sometimes i feel such pressure to be everything to everybody esp my kids. food and milk maker, diaper changer, picker upper afterer, teacher, comforter, listener, and certainly entertainer. it is many hats to wear and that is just one slice of my life. it doesn't feel overwhelming but there needs to be balance to this area of my life and i struggle with that balance. such as, at what point do i just say "do it yourself" and release them to their own imagination instead of taking such an active role in keeping them (mostly him) busy? i think he just needs more structure than olive who would be happy just wandering the house exploring everything, something augustine never was interested in at any age. i dont have any real plans to attach the idea that "i am a homeschooling mother" to myself. financially it is not practical for us to send augustine to a formal preschool so that is part of it, but also i just don't feel either of us is ready to send him away for so long, so often, and not to mention i feel he is too young to be mentored by someone else for so long and so often. we'll see how this develops. i have no expectations of where things will go after preschool as far as where and how he continues his education. i don't consider myself particularly creative nor patient, so i feel like i've got some strikes against me as far as signing up for homeschooling my children goes. but then again i'm wary of traditional education. the methods seem much too oriented towards a person repeating and not necessarily learning and too much authority is assigned to the teacher, thus putting the child in too much of a subservient role. that and i feel children are generally zapped of their creativity and sense of personal identities when they are put into such a herd. so back to my original thought: time will tell but i am attaching no formal plan to where the future will lead us.


Anonymous said...

That's fantastic that you decided to do homeschooling. I don't agree with public education either, which is why I like the idea of Montessori schools (when I do have children).

Karl, Ashley, Ethan and Evelyn Malefyt said...

I'm in the same position that you are - I'm not settled one way or the other, so I am going to do 3's and 4's home-schooling and make a decision after trying that out for a while. Then, when kindergarden comes, I'll have a more realistic idea of what's right for both me and my kids.
As far as the nursing thing - you are so right. And I wish my body would keep up! So, I am attempting to pump more to have more in reserve. It seems every time I have bags lined up, I have a long wedding and she eats through them all and I have to start over again. My poor confused body.

Susanna said...

I dont know if you're familiar with SouleMama a.k.a Amanda Soule, but she "unschools" her 3 kids and has written a book about activities and ideas. Its wonderful and I think you can get a lot from it! I believe its called The Creative Family and you can find it on Amazon.

kelli said...

I am a preschool teacher and I think it's wonderful that you're going to do this at home. I agree that we send off our children at way to early of an age. (Thus I really don't support all day kindergarten).

Anyway, if you would like some ideas, ways to incorporate math and such into play and things that are expected of kindergartners (in case you send him to a traditional kindergarten) let me know. kelli@camptrak.com

Oldnovice said...

I kept my first at home and took the other 2 to Montessorri Preschool, but my son (the youngest) really needed something more structured. Sounds like Olive might really enjoy Montessorri, but Augustine might do better in a more structured environment (whether that be a local preschool or a program you structure yourself at home).

amanda. said...


we are very much in the same boat.

and noah is the same way; he keeps himself busy a lot and we play a lot but there are times when he seems antsy, bored... i think it's a first born thing.

(have you read the birth order book? )

anyway, maybe we could do a fieldtrip next fall/winter or something, meet somewhere fun/educational in the middle?

jenny mae. said...

i guess i should add here that while i feel frustrated at how some of the public schooling system operates i also feel (if not equally so) that healthy families need to be part of a cities public education system too. right now i feel that i'd like to do a combo of both, maybe preschool or just the early years at home but the rest of their education in the public system. again, no formal declaration is being made nor do i have resolve about any of this.

ashley - do you use a particular curriculum? and what kind of pump do you have? pump in style all the way!

susanna - yes i am familiar with her. she seems really awesome! have not read any of her books

amanda - no but i really need to. have you found it pretty true? and yes!