Thursday, July 24, 2008


more of matt!!


mandi said...

alright- i'm behind here, but i wanted to comment on your homeschooling post. our kids seem to be about the same age and we are in the same boat about schooling (and gardening, and political ideas, and other random thoughts!) so here are 2 books i really like that are full of great ideas for preschooling your child:
'make your own preschool games' by sally goldberg
'mommy, teach me!' by barbara curtis
love these 2 books! inexpensive ways to have some structure for our stucturely predisposed oldest kids!

Karl, Ashley, Ethan and Evelyn Malefyt said...

Actually they were second year, potted strawberries. The plants actually totally wilted in a matter of two days because I didn't "chase the sun" like I call it. Our front yard literally has 6 huge fully mature trees that gives us very little sun, and I thought I had picked a spot that got enough sun - but apparently it doesn't. I would chase the sun spots around the front yard by moving them in to the sun throughout the day and they did pretty well then - but I couldn't keep up for a few days and they totally pooped on me!

Maria. said...

Jenny-I just have to comment on these videos...I cry everytime I see them. I think that the Lord is showing me the depth of His love for this world. What if this man danced all over the world for Jesus? What if we "danced" right where we are for Him? Thank you for posting it. It has been extremely effective, especially considering what this next season will be bringing into our lives. Thank you, thank you!

Love you!

jenny mae. said...

maria what an great insight to add! i also cry whenever i see these videos and i have no idea why!

christin joy said...

this guys passport must look amazing. i first saw this while in hong kong. i get teary eyed too. :)