Monday, August 18, 2008

garden club meeting

last night we went to the garden club meeting at the chapin's house. i was a little surprised at how much i enjoyed the slideshow (1.25 hours!) of indigenous plants to ohio! a ticker in my mind kept reminding me how delightfully geeky this moment was but well, if the shoe fits. the speaker i got for the meeting was randy sanders from pike county farm who was equal parts conservationist, botanist, nature photographer/artist, farmer, and self proclaimed "fish guy". i mean this guy was the real deal! he has a 100+ acre farm in southern ohio wherein he cultivates native plants, trees, etc., runs a mill (for blown down trees, not logged), has a large fish pond, and so on and so forth. anyways i was very impressed with not only his knowledge but his pro-wildlife approach to nature. and as a side note his home (not his farm) is just a few blocks away from me in clintonville)

the last meeting was a big disappointment but this one did not disappoint in any way. people brought food for the justice gardens donation, (which i need to drop off to the food pantry: note to self.) seeds to exchange, food to share, and we had lively conversation and participation. actually the last few weeks i've had to go to the resource center food pantry or hook up with someone to distribute all the food people have donated twice a week! heck yes! justice is on the move!

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