Saturday, August 30, 2008

sleepwalking and challenges

can babies sleepwalk? the last two nights ive found olive out of bed with no discernible reason. the first time she went down the stairs and into the kitchen and was just walking around doing nothing. the second time i closed our door so that when she opened it (old doors) it made a pop noise and woke me up. quit giving my heart attacks little one!

every time i leave the house i have to come back in for something i've forgotten. every. single. time. cloth bags for the groceries, socks (how do i manage to leave the house without socks!?), an address, and so on and so forth. my neighbors must think i am the most forgetful person on the planet. you know, because my neighbors have nothing better to do than track my movements. can't you just see the world revolving around me folks!

so i've been doing two "challenges" lately. the first is just within my own head to see how long i can go without getting groceries. outside of trips for perishable necessities (milk, cheese, eggs, fruit, and vegetables only) today was the first time i have gotten groceries in A MONTH! this went entirely unnoticed by my family who, much to my delight, did not flinch at my "digging deep to come up with something edible" meals. though if im being real david would eat most anything.

speaking of david, the second challenge i have been participating in is called the 30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge. i believe i am on day 9 of that and i must say the results have been great. i find myself in need of encouragement and compliment from my husband and without breaking the first rule of the challenge (which is you cannot say anything negative to or about your husband) i am being honest if i say he is not the greatest at giving compliments. so again, digging deep, i decided well maybe i need to be a better servant in this area too and start encouraging him more. POOF the challenge fell into my lap. i've noticed a must more positive attitude from us both and even little things like holding hands in the car is more frequent. im diggin this challenge and i encourage all you wives out there to try it for yourselves and see some of the awesome changes your marriage can undergo in just a month!

and finally has anyone on my friends list (i know robina has) read the poisonwood bible? im almost done and wow, TEARS.


amy said...

i'm not on your friends list, but i go to your church, and "the poisonwood bible" is one of my favorite all-time books. i love that it addresses so many of my favorite issues - cultural imperialism, family dynamics, missions, third-culture kids, complexity...sigh. it might be time to pull it out again!


melanie jennifer said...

I just signed up for the 30 Day Husband Encouragement Challenge! Thank you for writing about this. I have been feeling the need lately to be a better wife but was not sure how to go about this as there isn't anything specific I feel I am lacking in.

And now this has falling into my lap.

Thank you!

jenny mae. said...

amy - i love how multifaceted this book is too. pulling at so many of my heart strings all at once!

Anonymous said...

I read that book a few years ago and was so into it i breezed through it in 2 short (read: long, unendable) sittings. I have passed that book on to so many people, I'm glad you've come across it! She is an amazing author. I'd recommend almost any of her books.