Saturday, November 01, 2008

halloween wrap up

olive's wee pumpkins she trick or treated with last night was mine when i was a kid. it was so tiny compared to augustine's new one! did they just give our less candy back in the day or something? anyways trick or treat was really fun. we walked about a mile and a half total and i was so proud the kids didnt get nuts even towards the end. we had to remind augustine to say thank you and trick or treat at each house. whenever he would he would yell back to us on the sidewalk I SAID THANK YOU MOM!! it was kind of funny. one woman opened the door to olive with candy in her hand but olive spied the candy bowl sitting inside and she just side stepped the lady and ran in and attacked her bowl. oh that olive... my dad came over as is the halloween tradition. well until next year which im sure he & my mom will go spend it with my soon-to-be niece. january can't come fast enough! augustine's eyes bugged at some of the scary costumes and effects but olive would walk right up and get a piece of candy without batting an eye. she actually turned to cheerfully wave at someone in a rabid wolf mask. o__O they came home and went through their bounty and i was really surprised that their bags contained not a single even remotely healthy thing. i mean of course i expected candy, love me some candy, but a total absence of alternative halloween treat? one person gave out cookies and another glow sticks, which i liked. i didnt realize i would be the neighborhood weirdo including pretzel bags in our loot that we left on the steps.

anyways tonight we are dropping off the kids to my brother and sister in law (josh and brienne) for the night! and we are going to por vida, which is a big day of the dead celebration. the best part? WE ARE DRESSING UP! this was not without a lot of persistence. david doesnt get in to such things at all. nick ( is doing prom-style photos so once he processes those ill put some up.

and last but certainly not least happy (now belated) birthday to my brother josh! halloween baby!

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mandi said...

cute costumes, cute kids!