Friday, December 19, 2008

fun day

david is off of school for the entire month of december and this pleases us. he still works of course but on the days where he was usually at school (tuesday and thursday) he now is totally free!

wednesday night my dad stayed the night at our apartment and watched the kids while we went on a date. we went to the dollar theatre to go see city of ember which i really liked (though maggie claims the book is 1000 times better/the movie stunk in comparison) one more book to add to my always growing/always shrinking list. by the way the dollar theatre at the continent is FREEZING. it couldnt have been more than 60 in there im not kidding. i literally had to put my harf & coat on i was shivering so much. then we went to go see the ohio state basketball game. we were pretty high up and dang i walked out and felt instantly dizzy staring at the large arena. i dont have a real fear of heights it was just a perspective issue. anyways it was a good game and it was fun to go. it's not something we would up and do had we to buy the tickets ourselves but it's fun if someone just up and gives them to you (in this case, it was my dad who i believe gets season tickets) the only negative of the night was that we parked maybe half a mile away and literally as we were walking up to the shuttle area to take us to the arena they were leaving since the game was in full swing. so we had to walk half a mile and it was utterly freezing. im so so glad i grabbed one of my harfs on the way out because the hood on my coat is pretty subpar (it doesnt cinch, just kinda rests lightly on top of your noggin) i couldn't feel half way to my ankles by the time we got there but david is so fun to be with so we froze and laughed all the way there. we came home to all three of them in bed together conked out. it was adorable.

so yesterday we had such a fun day all together. david took the kids to the library while i made peach muffins. then i ran to the post office and shipped out some plugs i was selling while the kids napped. but when they woke up we took off and went to the mall to play at the indoor playground. i ran into two totally random people. the first an old friend from like church camp as a kid/college and the second person i saw olive run out of the play area and some guy pick her up and carry her back. i went over to thank him and i was like whoah, we went to high school together right? it's weird because i hadnt been to that mall in about 10 years and the first time i go back it's like a reunion or something. at the basketball game they were handing out gift cards for free mcdonalds french fries and im not going to front, i like mcdonalds french fries. so we took the kids and got some fries. while we drove home i was like "hey let's go see a movie!" so we went to the (much warmer) theatre at carriage place and saw igor. which i should have known from the jump wasnt going to work considering it was about evil monster machines and um my child is highly sensitive. he sat on davids lap the whole time and as almost made it to the end of the movie but then admitted he was kinda scared so we left. olive meanwhile was dancing on the seats loving it. my kids are so different.


MamaFeelgood said...

I love the photo booth pictures. Those are fantastic.

a.parker said...

What a fun time! Cold, but fun.

Love the pictures, too!

bd said...

The peach muffins are amazing! :]

How's the coffee?

Kristin said...

I'm glad your hubby is off for December! That's so fun! And I'm glad you had a fun date :) How wonderful to be in love!