Monday, December 22, 2008

it's a little cold here

it's 10 am and im eating out of a box of chocolates. just love me. it's the holidays. i won this fair and square playing games at my parents house this weekend and dag nabbit i shall enjoy it whenever i darn well please.

last night and today are the coldest days of the year. it is so cold that the INSIDE of my windows are frozen over. wethinks it's time we break down and buy some plastic to cover the windows and/or demand our landlord replace these 1920s era windows. they have charm but for crying out loud the inside of the window should not be covered in ice! augustine asked if he could go outside to play. uhh heck no. david took him to the library and they went outside to get in the car. a few minutes later i hear the outer door open and i hear a little squeak. i turn around and augustine had pushed his hand through the mail slot in the main door and was whispering "mommy, i want my lovey." it was kind of adorable. he was outside no more than 3 or 4 minutes and his face was frigid when i opened the door to give him his snugly friend. BRRR. my computer is telling me it is 4 but it feels like -14.

EDIT: awesome. it's so cold the car won't start. having a diesel car has its disadvantages.


a.parker said...

It's a joy, isn't? The doors to my building are literally solid ice inside and out. The walk from my car to my building this morning was downright painful.

Good luck with your car. I had a really hard time with mine this morning, and then it guzzled the little bit of gas that I had hoped would last until tomorrow. Oh, winter.

cachet said...

yay for chocolate! i just found some this morning that i didn't know i had and ate it. at 9am.

i discovered ice on the upstairs bathroom window last night. we live in an old house. a very old house.


jenny mae. said...

amanda - i know i tried to sell you on these apartments when you were hunting - that so far has been the only notable drawback to living here. DANG IT'S COLD! really the car just needs to get the block heater plugged in but since the outside of the building is void of usable outlets it's has a bit more rigging involved.

cachet - i think we can say it is universally okay to eat chocolate at any hour. :)

bd said...

highly recommend the plastic on the windows. Does wonders in improving the effeciency of the place.

And my old car didn't want to play nicely this morning. So I rode one of the bikes in to the office. :]

jenny mae. said...

bryan - we are putting plastic up today. my fear has been that certain persons might think it was funny to rip it down. time will tell :)

mandi said...

oh man- we have 85 year old windows too. i'm interested to see how the plastic works. we don't get temps like you (4?!? yowza!) lowest around here will be in the 20's. i'm using quilted batting for 'curtains' right now. it really is doing a good job at keeping out the draftiness and it's only $3 a yard!

aceofhats said...

Jenner- monday was so cold that while running my route on Henderson Rd, I cut my finger on the bottom of a floor mat I was rolling out. Seems the little ridge-bumps on the underside were frozen and became ice knives. Oh, and I saw an abomidible bumble. Luckily, bumbles bounce!

jenny mae. said...

mandi - with the windchill it was -14. and im only in central ohio!! i expect this kind of outrageous cold from say, canada!

josh - could you be having any worse of a week? seriously! i'd like to take you out and buy you a chicken coop to cheer you up.