Sunday, January 11, 2009


david just left for philly and won't be back until tuesday night. tomorrow night my parents are watching the kids i think so that means that for the first time in well... as long as i can remember i will have a night and part of a day totally to myself. i plan on using a gift card from panera for lunch, baking some cookies and muffins (surprise surprise!), reading books, and watching stuff i've checked out from the library (entourage season 1, the painted veil). i have a crush on ed norton in that movie. he's so buttoned up and that makes him much more attractive. my crushes seem to border on the extreme like that. either men of reckless abandon and/or quirk (example jim morrison or vincent d'onofrio) or buttoned up, straight laced types (example mr. darcy from pride & prejudice). just an observation.

olive is doing astoundingly well learning to use the potty. today im trying her out with some panties to see how learned she is. she's had just one accident. it's hard to know since she does not offer facts about how many times she is peeing in her diaper, though i do know that when i tell her to use the toilet she goes every single time. so we'll see how it evolves but im encouraged by how it's going AND it's child lead which equal parts surprises me (because she is young) and doesnt surprise me (because well... it's our headstrong little olive).

the kids have been enjoying the meager amount of snow we've gotten lately. this winter has been bipolar i swear. expectations of an accumulation and them POOF nothing of note. i demand that mother nature dump a hefty snowfall on us!


meridith said...
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Chubz said...

Those are some stinkin cute kids!