Friday, January 16, 2009

sledding disaster & getting the itch

oh my gosh it is -13!!

so last night we went sledding and it was a disaster. first, david has a crazy schedule so we only got one shot at it. the temperature just so happened to be hovering in single digits but i thought we could just tough it out and deal. um WRONG. i went down the hill once with augustine and he had a blast but he kept complaining his feet were cold. see my dad took him out to get him snow boots and he came home with RAIN BOOTS. oh my dad. so needless to say in under 20 minutes augustine's feet were so cold that he was screaming. not crying, screaming. so david took olive for a second and last pass down the hill and in order to stop the sled you have to dig your heels and hands into the snow. well a lot of snow flew up and wacked her in the face, which made her scream. and scream. and scream. olive is not a cry-er. whining over a "toy fight" that she has lost, sure but she is tough as nails most times. i've never seen her cry like this. it actually worried me a little because she cried so intensely for so long (5-10 straight minutes). add to this the fact that augustine was also screaming and my hands were so cold that they had lost dexterity (again - this was all in under 20 minutes!) and i really lost my temper.

david rebuilt our friend kat's scooter engine last summer and bartered for tattoo time, which she is graciously giving to us both. david is getting his stomach tattooed and we stopped by kat and ryan's house last night to check out the drawing. the first tattoo i ever got from kat was my stomach and well... let's just say that i am SO GLAD that is over with. david is pretty tough so i bet he'll do fine. he maintains that his chest was the most painful tattoo he's ever gotten, especially near his nipples. anyways, i really liked the design. do you have rules about tattoos? not that i worry about this but i've always told david that he is not "allowed" to get any portraits of ladies with big boobs, generally anything that demeans women (pin ups, etc). his new tattoo has some mermaids but he kept their cup sizes in check. :) im torn about what my next tattoo is going to be, ive got my whole left arm already planned!

also im starting to get the gardening itch. seed & garden catalogs are starting to show up at my door and ive been pouring over them and mentally prepping for flower seeds i want to grow, prepping for conversations with maggie & austin about what we want to grow this year, reflecting on the successes (beans, lettuces, raspberries) and failures (spinach you are now my nemesis). nothing perks up my winter sluggishness as looking at the bright, colorful pages of seed catalogs. oh & this. i mean COME ON, that is so me.


amy said...

my primary tattoo rules are that they have to be really significant and meaningful to me, since they are permanent, and also that i have the option to cover them up or expose them fairly easily. that rule is mostly out of respect for my conservative family and background, i suppose, and also because of professional reasons. (not that profession is a current issue, but is likely to be again someday.)
did you get your stomach tattoo before or after giving birth?

jenny mae. said...

my husband has full sleeves, his chest, and some on his legs and he hasnt had any problems in the professional world. though he does admit that he doesnt want to get his hands or neck tattooed. anyways, i got my stomach tattooed before the babies. im really happy with how it looks now

mandi said...

oh man- why is that sign $25? why? i must have it!!!
i'm like you- i've been dreamily eyeing my seed catalogs. oh warm dirt, fresh peas, vibrant flowers...come to me!

Judy Crawford said...

Hey Jenny...I went through the boys boots and all of the winter gear from last year. What size does Augustine wear. I would be happy to get them to you Sunday, I think these are like 11 1/2. I always double socked anyway.
I also have some snowpants if interested. Let me know. :) I will take them to Volunteers if you do not want them.

jenny mae. said...

mandi - i know! i wish i were crafty and could make stuff!

judy - darn! aug wears a 9 1/2 or 10. oh & thanks but he has snow pants. ill take the shoes off your hands for next year though!