Monday, February 16, 2009

valentine's day recap & supporting the little guy

my valentine's day present - anthropologie duvet!

valentine's day had none of the frustration level i had anticipated. it was a no-fuss holiday but it wasnt without celebration. i made david a double layer butter cake with chocolate icing and actually decorated it with like piping bags and sprinkles and flourishes around the outside. when david came home from work olive said "TA DA!" and showed it to him. i would take a photo but well... it's almost gone.

another surprise of the day was a phone call from my brother josh, which started out casually enough. "what are you up to?" nothing much "oh yeah. we're sitting at a pub in powell going over some paperwork because we just put an offer in on a house" !!! and they got it! without one single counter offer! so many congratulations to them, a first home is unforgettable.

today is laundry day but trust me, none is going to be done. i spent yesterday afternoon on the couch an went to sleep like the dead last night. the only part of being sick that i enjoy (weird phrasing) is that i dont have to worry about my insomnia, which can crop up and really spoil things. i only woke up once last night when my Ibuprofen wore off and my headache, chills, and sore throat were in full effect. but just once! miracle! if anyone comes near me today just know that i wreak of garlic. im trying to get well here! augustine might have a mild case of bronchitis. he's had a persistent cough for over a week now. so finally i took him off the homeopathic cough syrup and put him on a conventional brand at a low dose. it's helped take the edge off so that he can now rest a little more comfortably. i slept with him for a nap yesterday and the poor thing could not get into a deep sleep because of all of his coughing.

i went to the co-op yesterday and bought some animal parade vitamins for the kids echinacea with goldenseal for us all and came to the sad realization that no matter how much i want to, i can't shop there anymore. i bought TWO THINGS there yesterday and the total was over $50 even with my discount card. i looked up the same items on vitacost and it was about $34. i dislike that i have to choose between what i can afford and what i think is best for our family/community/whatever but that is how life is. it might change with time but for right now my primary need in all that is to save money. I STILL HATE IT THOUGH. i really believe in co-ops and single location places. the co-op was hit hard last fall when hurricane ike's winds traveled up here to ohio and knocked the power out for a week. they lost everything perishable and havn't recouped the money yet. that and the troubled state of the economy has forced them to raise prices. prices i can't step to even though i really want to.


a.parker said...

I LOVE the duvet! So great!

I hope all of you get feeling better soon. Gross as it may be, sweating out stuff is a great way to speed up getting better. Of course, that's harder to do when it's um, 32 out.

I have a friend who is really struggling with shopping at the co-op, too. She buys tea there all the time and just can't afford to anymore. Hopefully something helps soon, because I would hate for it to lose more people.

mandi said...

beautiful duvet! oh anthropologie, you've done it again!

i know what you mean about choosing between what you really want to do and what you can afford to do. i run a co-op, but i don't really make much off of it(i charge 5% of their total, so i make about $10 a month- sweet!). i use frontier, which is a distributor that health food stores order from. you get the product at wholesale prices. if it comes down to it, you might want to look into it. it's easy to run

hope you feel better soon!

Bona Fide Mama said...

I, too, have to shop at Vitacost these days. I'm just thankful that they exist... it's the only way I can afford to keep my family healthy.

Love the duvet!!

Susanna... said...

SO in love with the duvet.

wide open spaces said...

ummm. i asked for that for valentine's day too! didn't get it. love yours though-!