Monday, March 02, 2009

blast from the past

ive been living in my musical past the last few days. here are some downloads, because i love you that much. songs, albums, and bands that i devoured, lived and breathed for and through in the past. i may or may not have skipped quite a bit of college one semester going on tour with juliana theory. crazy, fun, awesome times but um hi mom and dad. thanks for paying for that! it felt like a necessary excursion at the time and darn it i still got good grades so that's all that matters yes? i remember in high school one of our senior projects was to pick a song and play it in front of our peers and explain why that was the one song that should remind them of us. i picked constellation by juliana theory and it kind of makes me feel emo now but it made sense at the time. it still seems kind of like an epic ballad to me. whatever, enjoy.

The Promise Ring - Nothing Feels Good
b is for bethlehem
nothing feels good
is this thing on?

Juliana Theory - Understand This is a Dream/Emotion Is Dead
to the tune of 5,000 screaming children
into the dark

Bjork - all of her albums
hidden place
pagan poety

Red House Painters - Songs for a Blue Guitar
have you forgotten
grace cathedral park
all mixed up (best cover song ever)

jimmy eat world - clarity *
table for glasses
on a sunday
for me this is heaven

*i feel ridiculous even linking songs from this album for you to download. like seriously, get this album if you don't already own it. it's a classic!


bd said...

Playing TJT and feeling emo is allowed because TJT (along with Sunny Day and old JEW) actually is emo. Not that overly commercialized black nail-polish and Hot Topic t-shirts crap that gets played on MTV11 (do they even have a channel that plays videos anymore) today.

A fine collection of music here, though I might tend to disagree with Bjork and replace with Brandtson's Falling Star Collection to better stay on theme.

BTW, Clarity was released on vinyl recently.

rachaeldear said...


gaaah SO GOOD. what's up, spring circa 2001?

jenny mae. said...

bd - i missed the rising tide era columbus tour of sunny day real estate bcs some guy i later married had just broken up with me and he was going to be there. i still blame him for "making" me miss it. brandtson! man nostalgia!

rachael - promise ring is one of my favorite bands ever. RIP

Salty Canvas said...

"Have you forgotten"= best song EVER!

Great taste in music!

Here are some other really great ones:

-Rootless Tree: Damien Rice (abbey road version on youtube is amazing!)

-Wichita: Gary Jules
-Roadsong Blues: Gary Jules
-Falling awake: Gary Jules
-Boats and Birds: Gregory & The Hawk
-Boy with a coin: Iron & Wine
-Flightless Bird, American Mouth: Iron & Wine
-anything by Joshua Radin
-Black River Killer: Blitzen Trapper
-Pretty much anything by Joe Purdy, especially Far Away Blues
-I sing I swim- Seabear (anything by Seabear is amazing)
-I adore Missy Higgins.
-Who found who's hair in who's bed?-Owen

and soooo much more. I love, and live by, the indie scene.


jenny mae. said...

salty here are the tracks that you listed that i have: boats & birds, boy with a coin, and a scant few of missy higgins. i like free mp3s if you'd like to email me some :)

Salty Canvas said...

Hey Jenny,

I'd love to send you some mp3's. Music exchange is easily my most favourite thing in the entire world, aside from bacon and new socks :)


jenny mae. said...

sweet my email is

softletters @ gmail DOT com