Saturday, April 04, 2009

balance and leg warmers

every so often i see over the crest to what seems like the finish line of whatever i'm doing. then of course i pile something on top of my to do list or life takes a turn and hey that finish line gets moved back and back and back. there are moments i feel overwhelmed with my busy life, that i yearn to be "just a stay at home mom" again like it used to be. but that isn't reality and we can't afford it anyways so why make a fuss about it? i have about 4 separate to do lists going on right now. one is "house stuff" another is "justice gardens prep", then "freelance writing", and finally "medical reports." somewhere in there i squeak out some me time, it does happen no matter how much i complain it doesnt :) usually nights wind up like last night did, where i have a choice. do i stay up late but enjoy some solo time but risk being tired tomorrow as my kids won't sleep past 7:15? or go to bed early and wake up rested but also deprived of personal time? the response varies and like everything else, balance balance balance.

i took two days off from my regular life and helped my brother and sister in law move into their new house. it's so beautiful! i sort of wanted to make their front room a roller rink but they might frown on that, but it is a big, bright room with gorgeous hardwood floors. my kids had a blast exploring their aunt and uncle's new digs while i helped clean, move boxes, and take care of my 3 month old niece kyliee. yeah, kyliee is not a chore to be around. it makes me miss having wee babies a little bit. not enough to have another presently but yeah, she's an adorable combination of my brother jason and his wife karen. but taking a break makes me nuts and i believe last night i lamented to my friend maggie that my head was verging on exploding again. so today i am hitting the keyboard hard. except we are seriously without groceries and a dvd has to go back to the library because it is already oh, 3 days late. but the good news is i stayed up late and put in the first draft of an article, so i can scratch one of those off my list. the kids will not wither if they eat random stuff out of the cupboards all day, and i might know a librarian who can pull some strings for me in the fees department if i can't get to the library today. heaven forbid i have to pay a few bucks in late fees out of my own money!

speaking of this anonymous librarian, it's her 30th birthday tomorrow and there is a dance party going down at her place tonight. i might or might not put my hair up in a mohawk and wear leg warmers. we shall see!

i went to selby park with the kids to fly kites with the kids on wednesday. it was such a perfect day out! my friend rachel brought jakin and mya to meet us there so it was extra nice. as we are leaving we get not 100 feet down the road and olive says "mama! gotta pee pee!" it seems at least semi socially acceptable to pull your car over and let a little boy drop trou and let him take a wizz on the side of the road. but a) this was WORTHINGTON but just some random part of the city and b) it's was a little girl. so i was immediately perplexed about what to do. but considering the alternative was a soaking wet carseat i pulled over and tried my best to block others view and tried to get olive to pee (unsuccessfully). it was of course at this moment that my friend and justice gardens collaborator jared boyd rolls up with his family. OF COURSE. just me on the side of the road in a nice neighborhood with my little girl who has her pants down. no biggie!

hey remember that crest i mentioned being able to see over? yeah it's gone. while i was doing dishes -ahem, the dishes i asked my husband to do before he went out to a party- olive climbed up on my desk and grabbed one of my transcription tapes, unwound it all, and snapped it. i am in tears because now my dad has to redo the entire tape. which will take him hours to do. this is the third time in a year that she has done this. I COULD GET FIRED. hi, off to take an ativan before my blood pressure induces a stroke.


Dallas Ann said...

My mom always carried a potty chair in the car for situations like that!

Judy said...

hey Jenny...I have this hair stuff from my hubby's Singapore trip. Owen went to school with one and it is awesome stuff. It lasted all day and into the night. If you need it, i can bring it by. You can email me.

jenny mae. said...

judy i am tempted! but i think between my spray wax, pomade, and hair spray a stiff breeze could move this hair sculpture ive got going. lol

Judy said...

forgot to mention, pictures are required.

maureen said...

i like your header... i read you in my google reader so i haven't seen it.

anyways- can i request that you do one of those posts a day in the life of the siglers? i like those alot. and a pic of the mohawk.

jenny mae. said...

the buzz from the bees is that there will be a professional photographer there tonight? i cannot confirm this but im sure someone will be taking photos tonight. i will post some as they come into my possession.