Sunday, May 17, 2009

saturday - an explosion of events!

yesterday was so chocked full of atypical events. we woke up and i took david to work because he had woken up late and had no time to bike the 8 miles to work (in 30 minutes). i dropped him off and took the kids to our community center down the street for the eco-chic craftacular which was eco friendly toys, gifts, and so on with workshops that promote green living like rain barrels, bicycles, worm composting. i <3 you should too. another booth i thought was cool: Felt Gourmet. then we come across Little Critters and augustine goes berzerk. now part of this is my own fault because he had seen similar felt/cloth monsters at Wholly Craft and begged for one for his birthday and i agreed, then forgot/thought he would forget so he never got one. well seeing these he brought it up again. the problem was that these wee dolls were a whopping $35 and they were pretty small. i can't afford that and i explained that to him but he, being a small child wholly rejected the idea and expressed it by causing a big scene. i take him outside to get him away from the dolls, trying to distract him and see more booth and it is just not working - he is still flipping his lid. then olive pees her pants right then and there with no warning. OMG WE ARE GOING HOME! so that little crafty trip was a big fat FAIL.

olive has still been having problems with peeing her pants since she was sick last week and having bad diarrhea. poor kid. so she's been about half in a diaper, half in undies. thankfully the diapers hasn't caused a disturbance by and large.

so we get the kids a babysitter (trenton and heidi). they are kind of awesome. i guess. if you're into hilarious, creative people and all that. david and i hit the road to Studio 35 (or neighborhood small theatre/drafthouse) to go see wolverine. can i mention something here? im a sensitive person. not sensitive per se in that i get my feelings easily hurt, but moreso that whatever emotional climate i am in, i pick up on it easily. which is why i cry at any funeral or wedding regardless of how well i know the person(s), books are like blackholes which i get lost in easily, etc. in this case violent movies do a number on me. literally since i was a child horror movies have shaken me so badly i cannot tolerate them. it isn't even an inability to disconnect fantasy from reality or some sick emotional involvement that i let myself play into, i'm just highly sensitive to what goes on around me. so i really enjoyed wolverine, david and i got our standard pizza delivered from next door (i <3 studio 35) and i just felt so comfortable with him. and yet i noticed over the course of two hours that every time a particularly graphic violent scene was shown my entire body tense, i gripped his hand a little more intensely, and my shoulders raised several millimeters. after the movie i was incredibly wound up (though i really loved the movie!). so where does this leave me? that i can't watch violent movies anymore? part of me believes that such things are pointless because they are in no way edifying but on the other hand i dont believe every single this is either edifying or not - does that make sense? i regularly have to intercede on my own behalf and self limit the exposure i have to violence - i.e. i never watch the news or read the newspaper anymore. im interested how this will all evolve.

after the movie we headed off to Agora. Agora is basically THE art experience in central ohio - combining music, performance art, and standard forms of art as well. the event is housed in a huge warehouse at junctionview studios. we've gone to i think 5 Agoras and this one was by far the more intense by way of caliber of art and showing of people. it was shocking the turn out! TOMS shoes were there for crying out loud! there were vendors of all kinds and many hand signs up that said that they had sold out of everything - the only food vending left when we left at around 10:30 was Rad Dog (vegan hot dogs) and Patty Cake (vegan bakery). in the midst of it i saw someone from my past which nearly triggered a panic attack in me. i won't get all heavy into this siting but i have had several "trigger" moments that i worked while i was in therapy that involved this person. i immediately felt myself shrinking and being engulfed by the large crowd and told david i was starting to feel claustrophobic and overwhelmed so we went outside where there was a fire performance (fire hooping!!) going on. too bad it was incredibly cold and windy or we would have stayed longer. overall i left the day with a sense of pride about living in columbus. not that i have felt unhappy with where i live (far from it) but there was a real feeling of wow, this town has some very cool events and amazing artists. and sidebar to all of that but related - i saw terri stevens there from project runway from last year.

when we came home it was really nice to end the night chatting with trenton and heidi. to me at least they are new friends (david has known them longer) but i really enjoy them. it was so cute to come home to two adults snuggling/asleep on my couch watching HGtv. lol


Carly said...

I've always been hyper-sensitive, and it's sort of frustrating to describe to people who are close to me. It's only been until recently that I've stopped apologizing for it. But I really liked how you described it:

"whatever emotional climate i am in, i pick up on it easily. which is why i cry at any funeral or wedding regardless of how well i know the person."

That's so simple, but it hit the nail on the hit for how I am.

Anonymous said...

Me too...(what Carly said). No one understands why I can't watch certain movies. I have had to monitor myself mentally when watching violence in movies - I just want to know why I can't control it if I am aware of it. But - no, unfortunately, I react emotionally and carry it with me for days after. It's nice to see someone else like me - who understands. I am so sensitive. I pride myself in it and sometimes I think it's just a terrible thing. oh well.

Hope and Megan said...

Thanks for the Felt Gourmet mention! Glad you liked our stuff :)

Sorry about the surprise pee. We've sure been there before.