Sunday, June 14, 2009

a day in the life

a day in the life - June 12, 2009

technically i went to bed after midnight so i started the "day" with a smooch on the kids as usual. olive was conked out in augustine's bed and he was asleep in david and i's. see they share a room but they also cannot fall asleep together or else it's party time! excellent! all night long. so one in each room is how the evening goes.

i hear a giggle and wake up. it's olive on the pillow next to me. how this happened is always a mystery to me. we pretty much play musical beds all night long. one or more children or adults is rotated throughout the couch, adult bedroom, and children's bedroom. it's kind of comical. somehow i never end up in a bedroom all by myself until whenever i feel like waking up though but that's my life. oh well! could be worse :) 8:20 is crazy sleeping in around here

being that we have oh 20+ lbs of strawberries in the house, i thought strawberry pancakes would be in order. augustine devours them, olive turns her nose up. wha? i even made a little simple syrup. dude these were good, i dont care what olive says. i find a funny note from david in the fridge.


the kids plop in front of the tv while i go get ready. every friday morning a bunch of mamas from our church go to a certain park and hang out. it's kind of nice to get to know people, a rare time when i really like hanging out with other adults when we are there "for the kids". a stay at home dad who is the father of a kid augustine chummed around with in school slipped david and i a note before school ended asking to get the kids together during the summer. i am, needless to say, not enthusiastic about playdating with a stay at home dad. so i nervously invited him to join us at the park banking on the fact that i would be with other women and it wouldnt be weird. (gosh it must be tough being a stay at home dad!)

10:00ish im ready

knowing im probably going to run around all day i throw a vegetable barley soup in the crock pot. i luff crock pots on days like this because coming home and rushing around to make something edible after a LONG day is frustrating and when im HONGRY i feed and eat crud. problem solved

we go to the park and hang out with the tolentino kids, eventually patrick and his dad show up too. the kids and i have a little picnic with them too.

olive is obsessed with swings so she spends quite a lot of time on them.

potty breaks in very large port a pot.

[[not pictured was a used condom found behind my car. AT THE PARK OF ROSES FOLKS]]

i make a quick run into the library to pick up dexter season 2 that was waiting on reserve for me. as i was coming out i saw an ex boyfriend and well, you've never seen someone hit the deck so fast and slink into the bathroom.

we get home and i put the kids down for a nap and i finish the rest of my lunch - spicy noodles with peas, an apple and chocolate chip muffin. dude best muffin, just trust me.

the kids do not nap and my dish washing is interrupted oh, 4 times by olive wanting to go potty or poop or she wants another pacifier or to nurse again or just checking to make sure i still love her, am home, and the house is not on fire. you know, regular stuff.

i start feeling kind of hypoglycemic so i eat some trail mix on the couch while i listen to periodic, quiet "can i come down?" from upstairs. [answer: NO, YOU MAY NOT]

finally giving in after an hour and a half down time, i change clothes and we go over to the garden.

it's a hot day so the veggie oil is a' flowin right away

first order of business is dumping our stuff into the compost. did you know you can compost dryer lint? you can!


leaf lettuces

yellow onions & spinach


collards & carrots

collecting flowers

austin was there and did a great job showing the kids how to split wood for almost two hours so i could weed the whole garden! it was heavenly to have such uninterrupted time to be quiet and semi-alone. for some reason i took photos before i weeded. why?

shortly before we left maggie came home looking supremely adorable

yay ladybugs! they are abundant this year!

then it was time to head home and VERY quickly shove food into the childrens mouths, get cleaned up and ready for david and i's date. we carted the kids off to the babysitter. this is the third outfit i've had on today!

then headed over to our friend trenton and heidi's place to pick up some plants from their garden.

them we went over to studio 35 - our neighborhood theatre. we got our standard large pepperoni pizza and this time we got some Frost Top root beer, which is on tap there! heck yeah! am considering getting a keg of this for a party sometime... we saw the hangover which was hilarious and inappropriate.

the movie let out a little earlier than we thought so we took the opportunity to head over to jared and jamie boyd's house and chat it up with them. i got all of the gear for the mornings farmers market booth (tent, cash register, etc) then too. i love those guys. they tilled up their front yard to extend their garden. that is freaking awesome.

picked up the kids who were still awake and HIGH because they had no nap and were outside all day and it was long after their bedtime. they were asleep in seconds. i like this picture because you can see olive's gray eyes

i read until bedtime. this book had me in tears by the end. i REALLY hate when books say "now a motion picture!" and yet you'll never see a movie say "formerly a book!" i also change into outfit #4, pjs


Carly said...

Your husband's note in the fridge was so great. And Into The Wild made me cry, but Into Thin Air made me bawl. O, Jon Krakauer and your non-fiction outdoor adventure books!

a.parker said...

I love love love these posts! You've inspired me to try one sometime.

I can't believe how grown up Olive looks. So cute!

The garden is looking great :) So exciting!

cachet said...

that is awesome. what a cool documentation of an awesome life. :) i told my midwife just this week that she should totally do a blog post 'a day in the life of a midwife', i would love to follow her for a day :)

Momma Bear said...

oooh Dexter...good choice. We love some Dexter in this house.

Amber said...

Hey Jenny...
So this is fairly off tpoic but I have a question. The only reason that I ask is because I saw the picture of Olive with a binkie...although she is like a year younger than my son...but anyway...

So here is the question :) Do you haev any advise for getting kids OFF of the binkie??? My little one is almost 3 and we are trying and its not going well and my heart is breaking because I feel awful...Im trying my best but I just wanted to know if you went through that with Augustine, if he used a binkie, or what your thoughts were...i just blogged about my struggles...its just not going well... :)

Anonymous said...

The address for 'FARM CAMP'
Thought you'd like to check it out before tonight- It's at Stratford Ecological Center, Delaware-might be the same one your friends went to before-Call me-Jane A

Anonymous said...

just wondering- any special reason you wear your wedding ring on your right hand?

jenny mae. said...

amber - gesh if you come across a good tip let me know!! i know a friend who used the idea of a "paci fairy" and they made a big to-do about collecting all of the pacifiers and wrapping them up so the fairy could come get them at night and distribute them to little babies who "need them". really helped the kid let go. augustine never took one - he's a thumb sucker.

mom - thanks! augustine would *love* farm camp!

anonymous - it's a camera trick looking in the mirror. it is actually on my left hand.

Amber said...

We did this whole ceremony of getting rid of the binkie...packed them all up, carried them in a bag to target and "bought" this massive obnoxious noisey fire truck, that he had been longing for for ages, with them...(of course I didn't make the cashier actually keep them and snatched them back after the transaction took place) but when we got home, he went into the worst I have ever seen him...I was heart broken, not as much as him...but just so sad to see him like that...after a terrible 2 days of him hardly functioning (I can only compare it to coming off of a full on detox!) we decided to still let him sleep with one, but it doesn't leave his bed...ever clue how we will end that part of it...but I still wish I had a better solution!!