Thursday, June 25, 2009


im going to update about michael jackson, just like the rest of the world. deal.

i have many many memories of michael jackson records being played in my house growing up. my most vivid was that we used to play the thriller album to the point where i swear we were going to break it, this in our basement of our first house on leonard street. when i was about 5 i remember my older brother jason and i proclaimed that we wanted to be professional dancers and really the only dance album i can recall listening to was thriller. we had what i now recall was a horrible beige and orange area rug in our basement (hey it was the 1980s) and i remember it was perfectly plush enough for us to bust our some really slammin dance moves on. i'm telling you, beat it has to be one of it not the best dance song of all time. FACT. i mean tell me you do not have a physical reaction to the opening tempo to beat it and sir or madame i shall call you a big fat liar!

my brother later that year privately told me that he was trading his dream of being a professional brother-sister dance team for that of a professional dirt bike rider. our relationship has never been the same since that betrayal.

i sincerely hope michael jackson is remembered for the musical genius that he was and not some of the unfortunate other things that went on in his private life. he changed the course of music and influenced countless artists that followed.

may we all wear one glove tomorrow in remembrance.


Jamie said...

my heart is sad about this huge loss to the world.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what anyone says. That man was a musical genius and paved the WAY for SO many people. I mean, helLOOOO, where would Justin Timberlake be without Michael Jackson??? I am achy inside remembering all the great things Michael Jackson brought to my childhood.

Momma Bear said...

yes I remember my red MJ jacket, with all its zippers. My sister had a matching black one.
A disturbing memory in retrospect since I was way too young,but i think it fueled my zombie obsession, I recall seeing the thriller video as an almost 5 year old in 1982. And I had the cassette tape with Billie Jean and Beat It as well and i wore it out.

Here's to you MJ.

jenny mae. said...

gang fights have never looked so cool as in that video.

Alia said...

MJ was one of the first posters I ever had on my wall. My 4th grade friend and I just connected again to talk about our own era of listening to her thriller album til it wore out. I'm hoping he's peaceful now.

Judy said...

I agree. Nobody can argue what he did for pop music.