Monday, July 06, 2009

we are family, 4th of july

duane, maria, me, david

jena, augustine, ruby, paige, olive, annie - COUSINS!

david's sister maria, brother in law duane, and their 4 awesome girls were in town for th 4th of july weekend. they live in massachusetts and we rarely see them. maybe once a year? it's pitiful and a shame because we get along so well. every time we are together there seems to be a moment where we pitch to the other the idea about moving back here or to there so we could all hang out more often. i love those guys. oh and the above picture is the "before" image, but that quickly morphed into this, the "after". more on flickr

the 4th was pretty good. it was spitting rain all afternoon so i was hesitant to get out there and go to the fireworks but meh. worth it. augustine and i spent the morning at the farmers market, then the family all packed up the family in the car and headed to my parents house for a cookout. sadly no pictures of that! but good food and fun people naturally. that evening we went over to element (our friend's business) which was close to the park of roses where we would eventually wind up. it was a good mix of people we knew well and people we didn't know at all, sitting around talking and smoking cigars and whatnot. the fireworks themselves were pleasant. olive almost fell asleep oddly enough. of course the camera died so we have no photographic evidence of said merriment. whoops.


Alia said...

If Olive gets any cuter I think I might scream. That SMILE!!!!!

Carly said...

I agree ^^^! Olive is seriously so presh!

Maria. said...

It was a great night hanging out with you all. Duane and I agreed that this was our best trip back to Ohio EVER. We are so proud of what God is doing in your lives, your sphere of influence reaches further than you and David know. The Lord has His hand on your family, it is evident. We love you so much. Hug your children for all of us. Tell Auggie that the "big cousin" sends her love. :)