Wednesday, August 19, 2009

bottle rocket!

sunday afternoon we got a call from our friends trenton and heidi wondering what we were doing that evening, hinting that they had the most fabulous object in the world to show the kids. when we got there we found that they had spent the afternoon crafting a really amazing bottle rocket from a tutorial they saw on pbs' show this old house. (here is the link if anyone want to do it themselves). we ended up using a bicyling hand pump to get the psi up but that was apparently a lot of work judging oh how sweaty david and trenton were. and the psi only got around 60 or so (which resulted in a height of around 65 feet im guessing). david had a great idea - that we had an air compressor at our house and that we could get that sucker much higher in the air with minimal effort. so last night we convened at our place and enjoyed some root beer floats and rockets!

kids & neighbor friend STOKED to get the rocket up and running

uhh i'd say we made an improvement on the height and overall fun

this has been the best summer everrr

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Carly said...

I always though that Augustine looked like you and Olive looked like your husband, but in that picture of them they look very similar.