Tuesday, October 27, 2009

preschool photos & christmas is coming!

where did my little boy go? that baby/toddlerhood went fast


do any of you own a wii? what games do you have/like? do you have a wii fit? it is really any level of fitness or like this video eludes to, ridonkulous on every level?

also (unrelated to the above question) i need some opinions and experiences with children-centered game consoles like leapfrog, etc. i think augustine would really enjoy one and actually use one but i dont know where to start. i am the worst kind of person in a store checking out brands and such. i get overwhelmed and just walk away if there are too many choices. i am the opposite of an impulse shopper sometimes!

i'm about 1/3 of the way done with christmas shopping already. yeah. i said that.


Amy said...

He is so adorable!!!!!!!! We do have the Wii, and I hear the Active game is the best fitness. We also have the Wii fit, and it is okay, fun, but I don't know about a workout. My boys really love the Star Wars games :)

Anonymous said...

Stay away from leapfrog! CCFC is always talking badly about these products. A wii is better and my 5 year old daughter loves some of the games like Mario Party (the whole fam can play) and some of the sports games.

Anonymous said...

ohhh your children are so squeeze-worthy!

Momof2boys said...

Jenny-we have the vsmile games and to be honest the thought of them was WAY cool, but, Cody was too smart for them and he got bored with them...I'm saving it for Austin just in case he would like to play and I'm gonna start him off alot earlier. We bought it for Cody when he was 4 and I bought some of the older games for the 6-7 year olds and he was too bored to keep it plugged into the t.v. My friend has one for her girls and they love it though. The girls play it on a daily basis...so I think it just depends on the child. I did like the concept of the vsmile alot though.

Jen said...

We have a Wii and we love it! We have some kiddie targeted game systems but honestly there are some really fun games for the Wii for the little kids too. Our 4 year old loves the Diego game for the Wii and it is really age appropriate for him (no reading and no difficult controls). We have some family games like "Family Game Night" that has yahtzee and boggle and our 6 year old enjoys playing those with us. Even the default games that come with it are fun for the kids like the sports type games. I would totally recommend getting it for everyone because they can really grow into it. We have the vtech vsmile and it got too easy for them really quickly!
And you know you want the Beatles Rock Band! It is just really really fun and makes a great party :)
We don't have wii fit but I'm also wondering if it would really be worth it. I guess at least it would have to be better than not doing any exercise at all? :)

Perri said...

we have a wii and i have both the active fitness game and the wii fitness and the active is a million times better. wii fitness is very repetitive and gets boring after awhile, i've yet to be bored by active because you do 30 day plans that change everyday. i have an almost 4 year old son that loves watching us play wii..he's still too young to play it himself though. and this is a kid that has the iphone and all nickjr and disney games down pat. he is very technology savvy but doesn't have the coordination for it quite yet. some of the games he loves are: monkeyball, mario cart wii, wii sports, carnival, and cooking mama.

we also have a vmotion thing and he can play all of the games on his own. he really enjoys the wubbzy game and monsters vs aliens. the only problem with these games are that once you've played them..that's all there is to them. they don't have other levels or other games on them so it's repetitive.

meridith said...

talk to nathan about the wii. we have one and he is a nintendo expert. the wii fit does provide actual exercise benefits.