Sunday, November 29, 2009

love me do

i watched a live paul mccartney concert on tv this week. i realized how the older i get the more of a "paul person" i am becoming. i mean i've always been a "john person" but well, i dont know. is it insensitive of me to be a smidge glad that john lennon died when he did? and that he didn't have the opportunity to grow into some weird man who i imagine couldn't let go of his limelight and glory days (can you say david lee roth?). i could imagine a world where john lennon is old and out of touch but still trying really hard to make statements and blah it just makes me kind of sick to think about it. i mean i LOVE john lennon, always will. but the guy had a need for statement that as i'm getting older i kind of am annoyed at. so anyways watching the concert i realized (not for the first time per se) how much i really love paul mccartney. he has grown older pretty gracefully. he does not have an air about him that says "i was in the beatles! you know THE GREATEST/MOST INFLUENTIAL BAND EVER!" i imagine that would be quite a hurdle to overcome because well... the beatles was the greatest and most influential band in the history of modern music. period. now john was the dreamer of the bunch, george was the best musician, paul was the best song writer, and um there was ringo. i hate to be a jerk but well, ringo is kind of unremarkable. or maybe im just too young to tap into his particular sphere of influence on the beatles? i say this to build up to a perhaps jerk-statement - i really really hope that paul is the last surviving beatle. I KNOW! I KNOW! IM A JERK! but i guess i was reflecting on how i feel paul is the quintessence of the band and always has been and dang it the world needs him to carry that banner to it's final resting place. sorry ringo ol' boy.

also unrelated/related - i love paul mccartney with his big, burley beard. and while doing an image search for paul mccartney someone actually wrote in a gossip column that they saw him at a led zeppelin concert smoking a joint. YOU DON'T SAY!


Alyssa said...

I have been singing Paul's praises for years. He was my first musical crush and still my biggest musical crush. I am obsessed with his children and the wonderful family life they created amidst all the celebrity, and I think his love story with Linda is beautiful.

If you haven't seen it, I HIGHLY recommend Wingspan, the documentary his daughter Mary put together of the Wings years. It's beautiful and touching and captivating. They never had a nanny, lived on a farm without any modern conveniences for years, etc.

OK, I should stop now. I could go on forever!

meridith said...

i'm a huge fan of paul mccartney and wings.

Judy said...

The only thing I find interesting about Ringo is the fact that he narriated one of the Thomas the Tank Videos.

jenny mae. said...

judy - THAT COUNTS! :)

alyssa - im going to go look that up on netflix and see if i can get it!

Alyssa said...

Jenny, if you watch it let me know (it IS available on Netflix). Would love to hear your thoughts!

jenny mae. said...

it is #4 on my cue now!