Sunday, December 13, 2009


tonight we packed up a bunch of our old art that we have collected over the years but not longer hung up and went to an artswap event at this amazing local placed called wild goose creative. it's a space for hosting anything involving creative events - bands, film screening, art shows, improv, stand up, basically "sustainable partnerships and artistic collaborations". we dusted off some old derek hess prints and radiohead lithographs we had lying around and hit the town. the kids came with the intent of making art on the spot to trade (HOW ADORABLE). it was a great event and people brought everything from paintings to screen prints on canvas and silk, baked goods, design time, knitted wares, etc.

i must say as a mother i witnessed something new tonight in augustine. he drew three different prints and displayed them on a small table next to what we brought. he stood there the entire night, serious as you can imagine, peddling his creativity. i literally had to walk outside and sniffle a little bit, it was that touching. sometimes augustine can be a little unsure of himself, almost a little melancholy about his abilities but tonight he was so proud, so confident and in the moment - it was just too much for my mother heart to take. it was like looking at a snap shot of the tiny man inside him.

a woman was interested in one of our kid a prints and she offered 5 boxes of truffles (hi, yes). i told her i'd take 4, with the condition that she trade one to augustine for one of his prints. i'm telling you the kid grew a whole inch in height and the barrel of his chest another inch when he strode over and told me that someone had traded him for his art. then i really started sniffling.

another woman, who worked with paper, saw what the woman had done and approached olive about trading one of her prints for a handmade card. olive beamed and ran circles around me waving the card around wildly. i was so blessed by the sweetness of those two women!

we ended up coming home with 5 boxes of truffles & some AWESOME superhero prints from the extremely talented adam brouillette.

also there was a guy there with a mohawk and olive yelled "MAMA, THAT GUY LOOKS LIKE A ROOSTER" and david and i laughed until we cried


Dinah said...

awesome post! got me teary eyed just reading it! :)

Adriana said...

i love those prints! what a great find. im totally getting some for my little mans room. thanks

Heather Evans said...

That is such a sweet moment about Augustine, Jenny! Just another reason I can't wait to be a mom.. :)