Friday, January 08, 2010

update on the break in

david stayed up all night on the couch with a golf club in his hand. love that man. the guy smashed the window on the door that goes into our kitchen and instantly opened the lock and gained access to our house. i can't believe someone with such ill intent was IN MY HOUSE trying to violate us. i bolted awake and david's feet hit the floor running. i thought there was a 50/50 chance that we had just heard a loud noise and were being paranoid until i heard david shouting "HEY! GET OUT OF HERE!" etc. i was frozen with terror and just wanted to gather the kids under my wings and hide. david never saw anyone in the house but the back door was swinging open. what kind of fool breaks into a home during a snow storm!? it is that question that kept me tossing and turning. was he high? was he targeting us for some specific reason? would he come back? logic told me that at least the first one was probable but not the others but gesh, worst nights sleep ever. david screwed the door shut with some wood and kept vigil over the house on the couch. have i got a good man or what?! after we called the police but before they arrived i looked out the front window and saw someone walking. color me paranoid but i strongly believe it was our would-be burglar. first, he was seriously underdressed (wearing just a hooded sweatshirt in a snowstorm). also, who goes for a ginger little walk at 1:30 am? and when i threw open the door and stood outside giving him the "I SEE YOU A-HOLE" face he practically ran to his car, started it, and flew out of here. when the police arrived, in less than 3 minutes ill add! the detective said he saw the same guy two streets over and thought he looked very suspicious. tracks in the snow show that he probably looked through the little crack between our curtains in the front room and saw our laptop, wii, rockband gear, and camera in the front room and made his choice from that. WHAT A NIGHT

it is a beautiful day out, snowy and bright and all reason tells me to go out and enjoy it, maybe go sledding or something but im so paranoid to leave. i can't bear the idea of leaving the house vulnerable to another break in. at least we can play in the yard i suppose. someone from our landlord's office came by to assess the damage and later they are coming to replace the window and put a new lock in, one near the floor that can't be accessed by breaking a window.


Klane said...

hope everything was OK. I am seriously paranoid when it comes to that. I always think someone is in my house. Aparently I suffer from crazy town paranoia. I'm so sorry that it happened for real to you. Hope you aren't too freaked out about it. Your husband sounds like a good man.

Queen Bee said...

geez Jenny. what a night. glad the guy ran off and you all are okay.

i came home one night after dark to find a shady dude on our porch peeping in at all my husband's video game stuff and it looked like he was trying to figure out the best way in. he ran off, but not until after shooting his mouth off about my being home alone at nights. oy. turns out he was a neighbor's kid looking for trouble, but i was freaked for a long time afterwards.

Judy said...

oh, Jenny. This must have been really scary for you. I am glad you guys are ok. May the Lord grant you peace in the nights to come.

I hope they find the guy that caused you so much agony! Praying for you.

Amber said...

That is SO scary. I'm so sorry that happened to you guys!

Anonymous said...

i have worried about this, too, since we live in a not-so-nice part of town, and i do think that this time of year AND this weather make people more desperate than usual.

Anonymous said...

ugh! what a scary time for you folks! :(

megan said...

i'm glad your family is safe. :-)

i live in a pretty bad neighborhood...i've learned to not live in fear, but to be wise.

besides, no burglar can steal your Treasure.

(this story reminded me of that verse about not storing our treasures where thieves can break in and steal. sorry i'm too lazy to actually quote it right now.)