Saturday, April 17, 2010

birthday week completed

thursday my boy turned 5. *FIVE* people. he has always been the exact same person. from his first little mew to his tumble-y boyhood. such a good, gentle, little heart that guy has.

after a special breakfast, a long bike ride around the neighborhood, a playdate, and a visit (complete with star wars themed gifts!) from my parents and brother, he got some much coveted new bakugans and a super soaker from us. then after dinner at red robin we all went to see How to Train Your Dragon (which was really good!). he said it was the best birthday he could ever imagine.

the kids dual party was today. it went over well. i mean you can't go wrong with a pinata. period. lots of our friends and family came. also, new rule: if i make the cupcakes (or equivalent yummy) after you go to bed i am allowed to eat as many of them as i want. FACT. im currently nomming on a cupcake the size of my fist that was supposed to serve as the kids birthday cake but we forgot to sing to them or set the candles out/afire. whatever, they didn't even notice.

now, we have officially survived "birthday week".


Lisa said...

Gorgeous photos. Love your beautiful and healthy special birthday breakfast. May have to steal that one when DS turns 3.

Alia said...

Auggie's 5!!!!! *face palm*

Kristin said...

I love the birthday pictures :)