Saturday, April 10, 2010

feels like summer in here

my heart is so full right now. i can't really explain why, my head is too tired. it has something to do, actually a lot to do, with all of the good-natured people i spent the afternoon/evening with. i went to a party and i dont know, i just took in the group and felt so in awe of the group. how kind and sweet and generous the whole lot was. men who are wise and good to their ladies, playful and attentive to children who are or aren't even their own, women who are comfortable in their own skin, vulnerable and honest in conversation, able to drape their arms around their friends and be happy for the others fortune. i know of no cattiness among my friends. we just don't roll like that. my kids went gallivanting off in the woods with adults who they don't even know, but they instinctively trust to lead them around to and from the stream or to collect firewood for the pile. it felt good knowing that everyone there was someone i trusted on such a basic level, and that my kids knew that too. (though to be honest they are gregarious and trusting of anyone who isn't wielding a bloody hatchet.) a pack of children running around of various ages, faces smudged by s'mores and ash - could there be a more lovely sight? we left the party bellies and hearts full, then headed to another fire, again full of laughter and intelligent conversation and children of various ages running around in a pack. dang it i love my friends folks.


Dallas Ann said...

What a beautiful evening.

Michelle said...

i may have to repost this on my blog as a description of my party! so true, so true. we are blessed!!

Adriana said...

my heart is totally singing for you right now. After all you went through with the break in I am so glad to hear things are going well, that you are feeling secure and happy. This is such a romantic evening...i hope your future is full of many more!