Monday, June 28, 2010

20 things i'd tell my 17 yr old self

20 things i'd tell my 17 yr old self

20. your parents actually do know what they are talking about most of the time.

19. don't give up running track/high jump just because you think you're too cool. you'll miss it and you'll never be as good as you are right now.

18. CSG wasn't as bad as you thought it was at the time. you will not only forgive but actually thank your parents for sending you there.

17. who you think you're going to marry and who you actually end up with aren't the same person. you're going to crack up when you see who it is.

16. be more responsible with your body and mind.

15. please do not get that awful tattoo.

14. spend as much money and time as you can devote to the enjoyment of music. life becomes more complicated in a few years.

13. that teacher, Mr. Cody who you think hates you (and made you cry)? in the future he will tell your parents that you were a great student with a good mind. forgive him now and save yourself the baggage.

12. stand up to tyrants but do not fight windmills. it feels so good but a broken heart is not easily mended.

11. do not write that sappy crap in your yearbook!

10. smoking is pretty stupid and you'll realize that before it kills you thankfully.

09. you aren't going to finish college but go anyway. it will not be the greatest loss of your life i promise.

08. love your best friends, they won't live forever and you'll never be as close as you are right now.

07. travel more than just going camping with your friends.

06. you've got the right idea about thrift stores but please for the love of God nix those awful wide legged pants! also, stop dressing like an old grandpa.

05. stop being rude to the librarian at school.

04. you are helping no one by writing people's english papers for money. it feels so smart and clever but it's actually very lame and underhanded. i kind of wish you'd get caught.

03. you will get over it.

02. you won't get over it.

01. but you will be fine.

inspired by hulaseventy


Lacey said...

Great post. :)

mandi said...

oh - i love this.

that one about not dressing like a grandpa would be on my list too. what was it about all of those long grandpa cardis at the thrift store? just begging to be bought!

Jeanie Aurora said...

loved this <3

jenny mae. said...

mandi - I KNOW RIGHT!?