Saturday, June 19, 2010

vacation and cancer

so vacation was great. we spent 3 days at fort rapids splashing around and eating room service (OMG THE ULTIMATE LUXURY). truthfully though, olive and i got it one night just the two of us while augustine and david went out to see the new karate kid movie. we felt like royalty noshing on our french fries and sandwiches, oh yes. the kids had no idea where we were going. they only knew that it was going to be too stormy to go camping and that we were going to do something else fun for a few days. so i packed up the car with stuff and told them we were going to be there "in a few hours." which in reality was more like a 10-15 minute drive. david pretended something was wrong with the car then had to pull over. then we just pretended that oh, let's just stay at this hotel, it looks cool! as soon as we parked augustine said "i really hope this place has a pool." which to a kid is the ultimate luxury and cue that you are REALLY on vacation. i said i didn't know. (IM EVIL OKAY) so we went to the room and in the off chance that they did have a pool, we put on our suits and went out to explore the joint. and of course we came across a 4 story water playground, massive slides, etc.

we had a great time. they had something for every age, which i appreciated. the kids got slightly antsy when the large barrel started to tip and subsequently dumps like 150 gallons of water on the park. we were never under it when it went though thankfully. they had three adult tune slides that were surprisingly fun. i guess i discounted how cool an indoor water park could be. i may or may not have screamed a little going down one dubbed "black out pass."

yesterday my kids and i are hosted a "Jokes for Joe" Lemonade stand. our friend joe aebi has stage 4 cancer and well, treatment is expensive. our church is running a fundraiser for them tonight but after talking with augustine he wanted to donate money/efforts to it too. we were outside starting at 9 am and we took in an astounding $173! the lemonade/koolaid/water was free but for a donation augustine would tell you a joke. i get all emotional thinking about how generous people have been! tonight at the fundraiser augustine is going to tell more jokes in front of everyone.

also summer is awesome:


Doom For Darlings said...

I chaperoned a teen trip to a similar indoor water place and I was surprised at how nice it was. This one also had an outdoor area with a pond, large trees, and paths. I daresay, I had as much as fun as the teens. I love how you "tricked" them into this vacation - such an awesome idea!

Augustine's joke idea is one of the sweetest things I have ever heard in my entire life. That kid!

Becky Slagle said...

Auggie, you are the coolest kid! I love your heart so much! Your jokes rocked at the benefit tonight...maybe you'll be a comedian when you grow up! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, man. your children are SO beautiful! Look at those happy eyes!

Who is the cute little blond baby girl?

Glad you guys had fun on your "stay-cation!"

jenny mae. said...

violet - that is our friend's daughter rosalie. isn't she precious!

meridith said...

i love the pic of olive & rosalie - so sweet!
what did the kids do when the saw that huge water park in the hotel? were they totally freaking out? how fun! great idea!

i love the video of augustine telling jokes - we wish we could have been there!