Monday, August 30, 2010

augustine is off to kindergarten!

first day of kindergarten

first day of kindergarten

getting on the bus

first day of kindergarten

my little dude went to kindergarten today! he, surprisingly/not surprisingly didn't show any anxiety about the impending experience. he just seemed SUPER FREAKING STOKED when it was brought up. he went to bed last night and he was positively beaming with joy. he told me quite a few times how much he would miss me but other than that, there was no real ceremony about it. i prayed with him, packed up his backpack and duder just hopped on the bus and rode away. olive meanwhile immediately suggested we make cupcakes and decorate the house. i can't figure out if this is to celebrate augustine's milestone or celebrate that he is gone. (im pretty sure it's the former.) also, i didn't cry which surprised me.


Judy said...

oh man. :)

LRC said...

Yay to go Augustine!

meridith said...

how sweet! go auggie! i love that olive wanted to throw a party! she would make a good gilmore girl. :)

Anonymous said...

AW! I love first day of school pictures! And Olive... she's my kind of girl! Love it!

lauren. said...

that is the *perfect* first-day-of-school shirt. that kid's got spunk.

also, i am new to your blog. i stumbled on it randomly, & i am hooked. your words are such an inspiration. i can't explain it, but your spirit sings to mine - to be motivated, to grab life by the horns, to love with fury. "thank you" sounds too small, but it's the best i can come up with.

you & your precious family have been added to my prayer list. i know that yhwh has big plans for you & your soul-strengthening journey - thank you for sharing it!