Friday, August 20, 2010

meditating on the small-awesome

it is good to meditate on the small but important good things in life! so i quickly jotted down just a few of my personal awesome things inspired by 1000 awesome things.

Awesome things:
The optimism of a full tank of gas
The feeling of endless possibilities after getting mega-groceries
Friends you can cry with
The freedom to fart and not feel embarrassed
Rearranging your furniture
My mom’s cooking when I’m sick
My mom’s method of cutting my baked potato
My mom’s lovely hands
My mom
The moment you are finally honest (even if it’s bad or hard)
Crying during worship
Guys who embrace their friends
Being young
Not being young forever
The first warm day in spring
The first cool day of fall
My brother waking me up at 4:30 am on Christmas morning
The comfort of my parents bed when I had a nightmare as a kid
When my husband proposed
Getting lost in a book
Room service

it is also good to meditate on the not-so-small but very big-awesome things in life, namely my family. i've never been closer to david than in the last month. opening up about my traumatic experience and feeling freedom to be raw, heart sick, silent, loud, prayerful, angry, ANYTHING has really been amazing. there is such peace in being messy, such happiness in being able to just be silent together and Know.

and because it would be non-awesome to not include the other delights of my heart, here are some cute pictures of those rugrats i live with.


summer lounging

olive, trying out pigtails, "for preschool!" she says


Anonymous said...

Your babies are BEAUTIFUL!

We used to wake up super early on Christmas morning, too. :D

Lisa said...

Awesome post. ;-) And hooray for living messy!