Wednesday, September 15, 2010

first day of pre-school!

mah baby started preschool yesterday! well technically it is pre-preschool so let's just call it "play school". olive will be in a mixed age room with 3s/4s/5s. we didn't want to her to be bored in a room with just 3s as tends to happen. she was so excited i don't think her feet hit the floor the whole day. at least half a dozen times she would say something like "mama am i going to school TODAY?" yes *squeal!!* it was quite cute.

she has three teachers and she is workings towards remembering all of their names. (mrs ayers, mrs. lenz, and mrs. hindman) she of course showed no anxiety about the experience. in fact on their way there she told david and i to "just drop her off out front". HAHA! we explained that we would be going to class with her for the first day and she said "WHY?" completely bewildered by the idea that the school transitions kids into the classroom. (the first day is one hour long wherein the parents are in the room 30 minutes, then out in a meeting for the last 30 minutes. the second day they are in the classroom with no parents for an hour and a half. third and every day after, the full 2 1/2 hours.) some kids struggled with the parent leaving and it broke my heart.

on that note, today at the bus stop one of augustine's good friends esai started crying. they are both in kindergarten and he just started wailing and didn't want to go to school. augustine siddled up to him and chirped "come on buddy! you can sit with me! you'll be fine!" but that didn't work and i think he ended up staying home from school. another mom had to wrestle her kid onto the bus while her son was crying. it was so sad!! these are the types of parenting topics that i've never dealt with. i am 99% happy that my kids are independence-oriented in that regard but can't i get a smidge of clinging? what am i chopped liver?

Olive's first day of preschool

Olive's first day of preschool

olive wears this cycling cap alllllll the time. it's from octopus caps if anyone is into that sort of thing. also, tiny-augustine is pictured in their gallery!

Olive's first day of preschool
compare this photo to augustine, same age, in the same classroom on his first day of pre-preschool!


Carly said...

It looks like there's a picture of tiny-Olive in their gallery, too!

MamaFeelgood said...

I swear Olive is in there. #31 of 41. If it's not here then it's her twin.

jenny mae. said...

yes you're both right! i missed that!

Chelsea Perkins said...

Oh my the cuteness. Thanks for the Octopus shout out :)

saylor days said...

you know my son is gonna be one of those sobbing, clinging kids :( it's not gonna be fun.
it's ah-mazing how excited/confident/independent your kids are. and it makes their snuggles and needing you times that much more special.. i'm not sure why say is the way he is, i wonder what clover will be like...