Tuesday, November 23, 2010

cuppa tea

post-preschool cuppa tea

post-preschool cuppa tea
my dad swears that when he was a boy, when he would come home from school his mother would have a plate of warm cookies waiting for him. EVERY DAY. as much as i love to bake, i cannot pull off such a routine. now that it is warm here in ohio (finally, what is with these 60+ degree days at the end of november!?) i like to have a warm cup of something waiting for my little kiddos when they get home from preschool and kindergarten.

tea is something that i love all year round and my kids, augustine in particular, has really started following my tastes in this way. his favorite is honey lemon ginger and olive's is raspberry. we have a big stockpile of tea, for it wouldn't be a home without it in my opinion, and every day they get to choose one if they desire. one of my favorite parts about having kids is having little but meaningful traditions like this.


MamaFeelgood said...


pom. said...

i love that and your kids are so freaking cute and also I love those nikki mcclure prints in the background!

Madelyn said...

I'm an artist and would LUV to draw this with charcoal.
ps) I'm acessively commenting on your blog because I can't help but read one after the other! weird? Cuz it's kinda different to be commenting on someone else's willingly exposed life. Anyhoo great pic

jenny mae. said...

go for it. send me a copy. i bet olive would love it :)

madelyn said...

eek! totally will!