Wednesday, November 17, 2010


i used to think that this medication (celexa 40 mg) was somehow making me focused and energized. i kept thinking - have i always had such mild ADD tendencies? have i never noticed until now, when it is being slightly but noticeably corrected? i even recommend to lauren that this med helps with ADD. my house has periods of spotlessness and all the laundry gets done, the floors mopped, the windows scrubbed, the recycling tidied, shelves dusted, fridge scrubbed, and so forth. not that i am totally off the mark per se but after some more research and talking with another person who has taken this medication my deduction now is not corrected ADD but that my body has a mild manic reaction to it! not that i'm complaining because i've never felt more productive! it's not all the time, maybe a few days a week. and it isn't typical of bipolar type mania where you are hyper and have a millions ideas and can't sleep and can't control myself. rather i feel motivated to do sensible things that my otherwise sloth-like tendencies have let slack. it's just a pinch more organizational know-how, just a smidge better at meal planning and toy organizing, and time management skills than i am used to.

so... yay!?

also david is working non-stop for the next 2? 3? weeks which really stinks. we all miss him and he's just so pleasant and funny to have around. yesterday i think he worked a 15 hr day and that was actually not all that bad because we actually got to hang out for an hour or so, though we had to stay up until almost midnight to do it. poor dude. i made him some brain food snacks because he hardly has time to take breaks to eat and when it's 2 am and you've been staring at a computer screen for 12 hours a dude just needs a bit of his wife's cooking, know what i'm saying? this period also coincides sadly, with my birthday. his company party is ON my birthday which stinks. i mean the party is at a lovely restaurant but umm not how i wanted to spend my evening. however, the night before freelance whales are playing in town and i wanted to get the four of us tickets to go to the observatory to check out the stars. all of this is of course if david isn't getting off work at midnight and/or can stay awake. i remember a few years ago we went to see feist during this project (it is the same project due every year that takes ~3 months to organize, shoot, retouch, etc.) and the poor man fell asleep in the middle of the concert! this also means we won't be seeing harry potter tomorrow night at midnight seeing as he might just be getting off work. however, once the project is done we plan to go out to dinner and see it. come on december!


cristin said...

thats interesting i used to take celexa...but don't anymore and can say my neat-ness was so much better than it is now!!!

Carly said...

I very recently discovered Freelance Whales and have been listening to Weathervanes nonstop for the past two weeks. Love them!

Soul Shelter said...

Freelance Whales is an awesome band. My friend Wheeler's girlfriend was filmed in their Generator 2nd Floor music video, lol.

My hubs Thomas is gone a lot during this time of year too. His boss's wife and I call ourselves The Single Wives of GLO (The production they put together that takes up all their time with music videos, graphics, etc). It sucks, but at least they love their job and I get to see him for at least an hour or two during the day. What does David do at his job?

jenny mae. said...


david works as a professional photo retoucher. he is one of those photoshop whiz kids