Monday, February 21, 2011

child-free weekend!

since today is president's day and thus there is no school, my parents took my littlies for the entire weekend.


we went on a date to easton, where both of the restaurants we were entertaining eating at had 1 1/2 hr long waits to get a table. umm no. so we ended up at northstar. the last time i ate there, the following day i got a wicked stomach flu so i haven't eaten there in over two years! which is very sad because it is a delicious place. i got one of the best burgers i've ever had and david got a thai burrito. david and i discussed my dream shoes and we decided to go back to H&M and see how much they were. since i had no intention of buying them the last time i was there i didn't even look at the price. if they were less than $100 i was in. we got there and they were within budget by a pretty great margin but they no longer had my size! *sad trombone* i was more than a little pouty about this. i might try to get over to the other H&M soon to see if they have a pair but ugh it's all the way on the other side of the city!

sunday morning we slept in (by our standards at least, a whopping 8:30!) and went to church then met my good friend aaron at jack and benny's for brunch. this is the same place david and i went to last week and had The Best Breakfast Ever. i ordered the same thing and not only finished the entire thing but was the first one done! on our way home from brunch we went record shopping and bought a few goodies (new iron & wine, a lou reed album, a doors album i don't own). then we came back home and david worked in his workshop while i enjoyed a 4 hour nap. we laid around like walruses the rest of the day watching movies, playing with our smart phone apps and reading books until finally it was pushing into the next day and i went to bed.

as much as i love my kids i could get used to this.

oh &
olive and i

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Madi said...

Congrats! Some times is great to have time to be just you. And get new energies for your kids (Sorry if I don't write it right). I'm happy to get back to my studies wile my mun takes care of Nora three days a week