Tuesday, February 08, 2011

done, sick, lottery, handy

things i am so DONE with:
winter/snow/being cold
everyone feeling sick

those two things pretty much are the main thing going on around here. my poor husband has been sick constantly for almost a month now. nothing terribly severe - first it was sort of like a mild bronchitis cough, then he woke up one morning and had pinkeye which required antibiotics, now he has a lingering cold that thank God is on it's way out. i'll believe it when i see it! we have one vaporizer in the house and it kind of floats from room to room based on who needs it the most that night. i am simply too frugal to go buy another. worst case scenario we sleep in one bed and share it? none of us caught davids pinkeye which was rather miraculous because a few years ago i couldn't stop getting it so i've long feared that i was particularly prone to that sort of infection. i am otherwise almost always healthy.

the weather, oh please just go die in a fire. we had an ice and wind storm that knocked out the power and the temperature never got above freezing to melt it for over a week so the entire city continued to slip around, on the sidewalks at least. needless to say my dog is going INSANE with all of the energy she can't get out by her typical walks. lots of throwing a ball/squeaky down the stairs routine going on up in here. i can't remember what grass looks like or the blue of the sky for that matter. i literally prayed to God that the sun would come out today. i know several people who are battling seasonal depression because it is just so chronically overcast here. you don't know what you've got until it's gone! and in this case it's the sunshine. cold i can deal with (uhh sort of) but cold + gray skies for a month = wake me up when it's over.

speaking of waking up. i love my bed. i love the story attached to it - that david and my mom took me to ikea to pick up something and surprised me by letting me pick out a bed. at the time we were i believe sleeping on a futon, which was all well and good (as well and good as it can be being pregnant and sleeping on even the best futon mattresses) but compared to a Real Adult Bed? i cried my eyes out. the mattress is perfect and soft/firm and we switch between jersey and flannel sheets and the pillows are so plump and lovely to bury yourself in. also david was kind enough to gift me his grandparents mattress pad warmer so that when i get it at night, it has the feeling of pulling a warm sweater on fresh from the dryer. best part naturally is sleeping next to my man. i used to struggle with being such a light sleeper that it was hard for me to be in a bed with him and sleep soundly. now of course after almost 9 years of marriage it's the opposite. it is a vacation to BE in bed with him not alone.

i dreamed of lottery numbers last night for some reason. it was very vivid and urgent which to me makes little sense because i've never played before. i must admit i am tempted to throw a buck down on the four numbers (3, 12, 30, 33) in some way. i probably won't but if someone does let me know how it works out :)

i am exhausted from this cold, which for me sadly just started up on friday night though it's mostly on the way out for the other three dudes i live with. we were at a friend's house for dinner friday night and as i was packing up my dessert i started feeling kind of achy. a few hours into the gathering i had to excuse myself because my body hurt so much. i literally just wanted to somehow levitate so nothing at all would touch my skin. but inside a hot bath at the same time? basically i needed to take a bath in orbit. i laid in there for a half hour praising Jesus for Tylenol and hot tea. i climbed into bed, teeth chattering, and barely emerged for the next day and a half. david kindly fed and cared for me and the kids.

oh that reminds me, david is super handy and i can't be more grateful for it. saturday he just went out into the garage and build himself a work bench that was oh, 12 feet long 4 feet high? put up cork board and organized his tools, built a new stand for our vegetable oil filtration system. then sunday he practically took apart the engine in my car and replaced a thingy - YES A THINGY - and got it back up and running. last week he installed a block heater so the soul sucking never ending cold wouldn't get in the way of it starting. and the most impressive thing, well besides physically Doing it - my brain just does not work with machinery - is that he is completely self taught. i can't compare it to anything in my own life/experience. yes i can bake or cook but that doesn't seem nearly as complex.


Anonymous said...

My partner is the same, he's renovating a house and so far has put up the internal stud walls, tiled a bathroom and utility room, made door frames, hung doors, put up archetraves and he will probably make our stairs - all self-taught too, apart from some internets research. Our men rule!

Nathan and Aimee said...

We so bought a lottery ticket with your nimbers, which I realized are all biblical. If we win you will receive a finder's fee :) With your intuition I felt like a dollar was worth the gamble.

Alien in the attic said...

I love my Ikea bed! Sleeping on slats is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

madzymoo said...

Ahem... baking and cooking is QUITE complex around my neck of the woods. :( I would give anything to be a great cook, so I'd say that's great; plus most Husbands love a good cookin wife "in the kitchen" so to speak haha... my Husband is also wonderfully handy. And what a blessing it is. (sigh) Where would I be without a tool man? Well out a lot o' cash I suppose, and way to go on the bed. I've been DREAMING about the future day when I will have a lovely bed from Ikea. I don't think it will come soon but, I will pretend it's right around the corner.