Wednesday, April 06, 2011

best friends

best friends
phoenix, lukas, olive (pre-shorn hair obvs)

these three are BFFs and i love that. single gendered packs develop very young, younger than makes me happy. augustine had a very good girl-friend in preschool but now he is like girls? WHY. olive on the other hand moves almost exclusively with girl groups in school. outside of school though lukas and phoenix are her number one choice for playdates, which happens once or twice a week. this in addition to being in the same preschool class at school and the same sunday school at church. so they are together a total of about 4-5 times in any given week and from all i can tell they love it.

today the boys were over and i fed them lunch. they decided they wanted to eat it behind the couch. with 15 minutes before we had to leave for preschool i said "i want to see the bottom of your bowls before we leave." minutes later they emerge with suspiciously spotless bowls. yup, dumped under the couch. their "punishment" was that dolores ate the rest of it and licked their faces clean. THAT'LL TEACH EM.

& random photos

fire fighter child
she wore this costume for THREE STRAIGHT DAYS before she let me peel it off

long hair

"we are asleep"


Eva said...

they are just so cute.

Radiantsun said...

Oh that last picture brought a tear to my eye. Thinking of my brother's and sister while we were growing up and how much I loved them....STILL love them! Just can't lay in bed snuggling them like when we were little.